Snowflake and Apps Associates

Transform your data from an Oracle ERP System with a scalable analytics solution tailored for your business

Modern Analytics made easy for the Oracle ERP User

Modern Analytics made easy for the Oracle ERP User

With a rapidly changing technology landscape for our clients, Snowflake has emerged as a scalable modern analytics platform driving focused insight for Oracle customers.

One Snowflake at a time – Our Pre-Built Solution Architecture

Just like snowflakes, data is very individualized…and there’s usually massive amounts of it to manage. Data management tools like Snowflake allow Apps Associates to maximize your ability to extract value from data providing a competitive differentiator.

Our Process? We’ll kick off the Analytics Accelerator program, and load data from your ERP system so you’re up and running within just three weeks.


  • Zero Management
  • Scalable
  • Pay As You Go
  • Structure or Semi StructuredL
  • Sharing Data

Tailored to your ERP’s Needs

Oracle EBS
Oracle JD Edwards
Oracle Perople Soft
Oracle Cloud Application



  • Net Cash Flow, Debt/Equity Ratio, Net Income
  • Cash Flow Summary, Expenses by category, Revenue by Product
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance
  • Budget vs Actual
  • Revenue Analysis & Details


  • Days Payable Outstanding
  • Overdue Payables
  • Aging
  • Upcoming Payments
  • Unprocessed Invoices


  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Overdue Receivables
  • Invoice Transaction Efficiency
  • Aging by Customer/Collector
Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Headcount by Region, Management Level, Generations, Gender, Job Family (Including Contingent
  • Terminations by Region & Management Level (Voluntary and Involuntary)
  • Overall Turnover, Projected Turnover
  • Trends of Headcount & Turnover
Procurement, Suppliers Spend and Performance

Procurement, Suppliers Spend and Performance

  • Open & Filled Purchase Requisitions by Organization
  • Supplier Performance
  • Late Receipts
  • Suppliers Spend & Spend by Product Category and Organization
Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

  • Number of Open positions by Department, Location, Business Unit, Manager, Recruiter
  • Aging of the Open Positions
  • Number of Filled Positions by Department, Location, Business Unit, Recruiter
  • Count of candidates in the different stages of the recruitment cycle
Supply Chain, Order Management and Inventory

Supply Chain, Order Management and Inventory

  • Customer OTD %
  • Inventory Days on Hand
  • Inventory Turns
  • Inventory Days of Supply
  • Supplier On Time Delivery %
  • Returns
  • Top 10 Products & Top 10 Customers by Revenue
  • In-transit
  • Changes and Inventory Trend

How We Can Help You

Define your roadmap for data management to inform and bolster company decision making

  • With Organizations using multiple application source systems (Oracle ERP Systems, Salesforce, Spreadsheet, Planning & Budgeting tools), the need for a strategy to measure the performance with clearly defined objectives and goals is of foremost importance
  • We work with you to define the strategy which will include identifying the data source for dimensions and for calculating the needed metrics with a goal of maintaining a warehouse that represents the single source of truth
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are critical to your success. We work with you to create KPIs that support the stated goals and objectives as well as track performance measurements
  • Data growth will happen. We plan for the appropriate technology and architecture that can scale for future growth in data and also enable predictive analysis
  • The right visualization tool will drive employee productivity by allowing users to extract and analyze data needed to run business operations. We make sure you select the right fit for your organization
  • Bringing it all together, priorities are aligned to the goals and the implementation rollout of the related metrics to bring your new Analysis to life
  • Identification of the key metrics that would make a difference in measuring the performance of your organization
  • Create an executive-level dashboard after inputs from key business stakeholders
  • Recommend strategy and approach to leverage the right enterprise business intelligence solution for your organization
  • Provide framework to enable end users to create their own reports with graphics
  • Create reports by combining your structured and semi-structured data sets

Expand your ability to process an increasing amount of data with the flexibility to scale, compute and store in the cloud

  • Extract and load structured data from Oracle ERP systems and other source systems (Salesforce, Workday) using your preferred ETL tool (Talend, Informatica)
  • Load semi-structured enterprise data (Budget/Planning, Marketing) stored in JSON, XML, Avro and that is maintained outside the ERP systems
  • Perform data transformation within Snowflake
  • Store all your structured ERP and semi-structured external data in the Snowflake data lake for easier access and insights into the data
  • Run queries and generate reports using structured data along with semi-structured data sets
  • Setup secure access to the objects with Role level security
  • Manage & clone Instances
  • User management, security and account administration
  • Visibility into the cost, data growth and usage
  • Migration from non-Snowflake data warehouses to Snowflake
  • Manage Business Intelligence environments
  • Monitor ETL jobs and help with resolution
  • Address issues identified with ETL jobs and reports
  • System administration required to manage access to objects through roles
  • Create clones and share access to warehouses
  • Work with software vendors for support with product bugs

Why We’re Different


+125 Consultants

Dedicated to Analytics and the Customer’s Business Intelligence journey

+7 Data Sources

Extensive knowledge with building enterprise data warehouse solutions by sourcing data from Oracle ERP systems, Salesforce

+20 Years

Experience and knowledge of the Oracle Business processes, data flows and data and data structures that is required to build a data warehouse

+7 Pre-Built Rapid Deployment solutions

Available Pre-built Business Intelligence solutions for Financials, Procurement, Spend Analytics, HR, Supply Chain, Talent Acquisition on Snowflake & Tableau for rapid deployment

+100s of Successful Migrations

Active customer engagements involved with warehouse migrations and new implementations

+15 Years Average Experience

Senior Analytics team with average 15+ years experience – including UX and visualization specialists

Apps Associates Can Get You Started on Your Snowflake Journey Today. Start Now.