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How Do We Do It?

To begin, all we need the click of a registration and a time commitment to understand the benefits Snowflake can have to your business. As we walk you through our data warehouse instance, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your own reports and dashboards using extracts from your E-Business Suite, Cloud ERP, Salesforce or NetSuite instance.

From there, we’ll work with you to understand the process behind taking advantage of a tool such as Snowflake, and how we can boost the process using pre-built Apps Associates tooling to bolster and simplify the transition.


Why Snowflake?

What makes Snowflake unique is its architecture. At its core, Snowflake provides customers with the ability to scale compute and storage independently while keeping cost predictable and flexible by charging for the actual usage.

  • The sharing and creation of data copies across departments for further cross-group and cross-role analysis
  • Pre-built automated indexes, performance is managed based on the operations performed
  • The native support for structured and semi-structured data for storage and reporting
  • Unique report and dashboarding options based on extraction scripts

The only way to understand the impact of data platforming for your business is to see it work with your business. Schedule time with one of our Snowflake Specialists and register for your free $400 “try me” credit today.

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