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Apps’ Cloud Ready Assessment is your opportunity to ask questions and share information. It is short 30 minute consultation with no cost or obligation. You share your pain points, our EPM Subject Matter Experts listen and share their knowledge to help you make the best decision for your next step.

Cloud Readiness Checklist

Below are just 5 of the considerations we take into account when we perform a cloud readiness assessment.

  • Workload – What workloads or group of applications need to move to the cloud? It is essential to make sure to move business applications, infrastructure services as well as all add-on applications that rely heavily on the primary business application(s).
  • Priority – Instead of committing to a total digital transformation, what non-critical application should you move first? Select one that is important enough for the CFO/CIO to make the strategic decisions for the rest of the applications.
  • Timeliness – When is the best time to migrate your business application? Most finance teams have specific planning and reporting cycles that should be taken into consideration when you decide to migrate your apps to the cloud. Take time to determine the months/weeks when the migration can happen.
  • Grouping – What sub-components or interfaces interface with the business application? Overtime, some business applications are enhanced and/or treated and funded differently. When moving to the cloud, documenting all associated interfaces, data and file transfers enables the best approach for the set of applications you’ll be migrating to the cloud.
  • Migration Strategy – hat’s best, a “lift and shift” or “big bang”? Decide up front whether you’ll simply migrate everything “as is” or if you’ll upgrade apps and infrastructure at the same time. In many cases, if your business application environment is outdated, it’s best to approach it as a “big bang” because you’ll often achieve the same goal in a shorter time frame, and cost.

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