Custom Cloud Applications

Need a Cloud Solution Specific to Your Needs? If your business requires functionality not readily available from Oracle or other SaaS application providers, turn to Apps Associates to develop custom Platform as a Service (PaaS) modules that meet your needs.

Mobile-First Cloud Applications

PaaS offers an open, standards-based application development platform to build, deploy, and manage API-first, mobile-first cloud applications. We can provide pre-built adapters to integrate on-premise and cloud applications. These pre-built adapters and connectors can ease the development of custom integrations to extend SaaS applications.

Additional capabilities include data integration and replication, API management, integration analytics, along with data migration and integration that make it comprehensive. Apps Associates has got it covered and can be your first and most trusted advisor with the know-how to build a custom Cloud Solution.

Modules to Fit Your Needs

Apps Associates has deep expertise in developing custom applications. Based on years of knowledge, certified staff and many successful implementations for our clients, we have created many PaaS modules, giving our clients functionality not otherwise available “out of the box”. These past implementations included:

  • Project Manufacturing
  • Rental Business Process Flows
  • Depot Repair
  • Exchange Rate Loader

Do you have a custom cloud application need not identified here? No worries, we can partner with you to create modules to meet your needs.

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