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Transform your business with Enterprise SaaS applications from Salesforce and Oracle.

We can migrate you to industry leading Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms like Salesforce, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud – reducing the total cost of ownership and time to market.  We offer Change Management services and support to ensure end users are engaged and enabled to leverage your new platform(s) which helps your organization achieve the utmost ROI out of your investment.

Let the experts at Apps Associates help accelerate digital adoption for your business.

Digital transformation is an opportunity to improve business processes and deliver value to your clients. Many organizations are saddled with on premise applications that are heavily customized and require significant spend each year to maintain and operate these systems for business critical functions. In many cases, the pace of innovation in these applications has slowed in favor of new, SaaS-based applications that offer modernized process flows and key technology features that business users are demanding.

Understanding each organization’s strategy is different, we help you to develop a plan that fits your objectives and moves you on your journey towards digital transformation. We will work with you to adopt best practice processes that eliminates customizations and leverages standard functionality strategically. We help you focus on leveraging modern user experience capabilities in the SaaS applications, including mobile, robotic process automation, chatbots, and digital assistants. By creating a strategic digital transformation roadmap and coupling it with Change Management, it not only helps support your implementation, but increases business users’ awareness  and overall adoption rates. Change Management helps to increase organizational morale, inclusivity and engagement. Change Management is a critical component of success as SaaS Application Deployments continue to grow and become more complex in our digital ecosystems. If invested in and deployed effectively Change Management can significantly decrease the risk of failure that is a common characteristic operational and technological change.

All of these activities help reduce the overall cost of maintenance and support while providing your business users with applications that are constantly evolving without the need for costly upgrades.

SaaS applications are where today’s innovation happens – new features, improved release processes, a more modern integration platform, and world-class analytics platforms to run your business. Best-practice business processes are leveraged to support a global standard of configuration, without customization – all of which makes it easier to run your business. Change Management ensures that your employees are prepared to utilize the features and functionality of your new application(s).

SaaS applications promise dramatic cost savings, great functionality and rapid deployment. And along with this new technology comes a new way of thinking about business critical applications like Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Supply Chain Management and Human Capital Management. Never upgrade again, and focus on running your business instead of running your applications!

SaaS Provides Greater Savings, Superior Functionality, and Fast Deployment – We Can Help With All of It!

Apps Associates Helps Leading Home Furnishings Company Automate Financial Planning, Payments and HR Operations

Furnishings Company Automate Financial Planning, Payments & HR Operations

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Kronos Goes All in with Salesforce

Kronos Goes All in with Salesforce

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