A Modern Approach to Business Transformation

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Apps Associates approaches business transformations with an outcome-focused mindset that incorporates learnings from hundreds of Cloud implementations. Those learnings and metrics from prior engagements led to the development of AppsTransform, a modernization methodology designed to improve results for our customers. AppsTransform is built around the belief that people are central to mitigating project risk and maximizing adoption to achieve full value of your technology stack. We don’t see this as merely an implementation project, but an impact-oriented partnership, aiming to meet and exceed your current and future needs.


A Three-Phased Transformation

At the heart of AppsTransform’s strategy are three interconnected phases: AppsDesign, AppsModernize, and AppsAssurance:

AppsDesign sets the stage for strong system adoption through pre-configured applications, suggested best practices, and unique design workshops.

AppsModernize aims to reduce project time and increase speed-to-value through automated configuration, accelerators and test scripts in an Agile implementation methodology.

AppsAssurance is an award-winning approach that guides you post go-live, utilizing a complete suite of applications and tools for continuous improvement.

This game-changing approach focuses on multiple functional areas, including Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Customer Experience while offering best practice processes, solutions, configurations, extensions, and accelerators to speed up the time-to-value and enable seamless end-to-end processes across multiple technologies.

Recognizing the unique needs of different industries, AppsTransform also offers solutions for sectors like Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Healthcare, High Tech and Utilities. These solutions include prebuilt integrations, tools, and custom solutions tailored to your industry’s needs.

Functional and Industry-Specific Solutions

The AppsTransform approach is multi-faceted to address all areas of a successful transformation and includes AppsConnect which provides prebuilt standard integrations among Cloud and on-premise environments, and AppsData offering pre-built ETL accelerators and data schemas. Need a solid change management strategy? AppsChange has you covered. And for comprehensive data governance and security, trust in AppsSecure.

As you can likely see, AppsTransform is more than a methodology – it’s a comprehensive approach to cloud adoption. Our aim is to modernize your processes, reduce project times and maximize the value of your technology investments, precision-designed for businesses across various industries.

Let Apps Associates join you on your transformation journey and prepare your business for the future.

Additional Areas of Focus