Migrate On-Premise Applications to Public Cloud

For any organization that has neither developed a cloud migration strategy nor made an actual move to the cloud, now is the time. It has clearly evolved from mere competitive advantage to a business necessity. Embracing the agility, scalability and security that the cloud has to offer is essential for any business. We’ve been migrating and managing Oracle workloads to the public cloud since 2012. At Apps Associates we will guide you through the transformation process, including licensing, security, cost management, architecture and governance.

Moving Oracle to the Cloud

Moving Oracle to the Cloud – The Four Roadblocks to Cloud Adoption

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Oracle Optimization & Licensing Assessment

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With 350+ Oracle migrations to the public cloud under our belt, you could say migrating Oracle applications to the cloud is our bread and butter. An Oracle partner since 2002, we were one of the first to start migrating these business critical applications to the public cloud. So, whether you’re running Oracle E-Business Suite, or other enterprise Oracle applications including Hyperion, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE, OBIA) Apps Associates can help you pave the way towards reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Apps Associates has built a formative team that understands the full range of complexity when planning, migrating, integrating, and managing your technology stack in the cloud. We’ll work closely with you to maximize your investment and optimize utilization, so you can focus on accelerating growth within your business.

Cloud Migration.

Don’t know where to start? Leave it to the experts.

Why Public Cloud?

  • Lower Total Cost of Onwership (TCO)
  • Documented Security & Compliance
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Ability to ScaleUp or Out
  • Flexibility & Agility

Migrating Oracle Applications to AWS

Listen in as Dusty Knight, VP, Global Alliances at Apps Associates, Scott Sinclair, Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group and Wais Ayubi, Partner Development Specialist at AWS discuss how you can leverage an Optimization License Assessment (OLA) to gain data driven output to assure that you can get the same or better performance with your existing licenses when moving Oracle applications to AWS.

Mood Media’s Oracle E-Business Suite Migration to AWS

Doug Owens, Global Vice President, Business Systems at Mood Media, talks about results and benefits of migrating Oracle workloads to AWS and how they worked with Apps Associates to migrate, optimize and manage their cloud environment.

Oracle on AWS Adoption Life Cycle

Watch our Oracle on AWS Adoption video where we go through each stage of the Life Cycle. Mihir Patel, VP, Cloud Infrastructure, Apps Associates reviews the five stages of the Adoption Life Cycle

Over 350+ Successful Migrations