Change Management & Training

Change Management is the application of a structured framework and people focused methodology which enables users to take flight, navigate efficiently, and reach the desired destination through organizational or transformational process changes.

Implementing a successful organizational or transformational change to solve business challenges is critically dependent on human factors in addition to the organizations vision and strategic objectives. Apps Associates’ Change Management uses research-based, industry-leading strategies and tools to develop and deliver customized services. Partnering with businesses to create an agile and resilient workforce ready and equipped to embrace and adopt change.

Change is in the air, let us help you take Flight!

How We Work

To take advantage of the power of technology, companies need to support the individuals impacted by the change, so they can adopt and use the new technology, change their mindset, and personify the different critical behaviors required to deliver the new products, services, and customer experiences. Your Apps Change Management & Training crew will bring a repeatable scalable approach with alignment and resources that will elicit positive change, and adoption, and fast-track your ROI.

Without Change Management
  • Employees feel surprised
    The success of any transformational project depends on how thoroughly the individuals in the organization embrace the change. Change management addresses the people side of change, using a structured process and set of tools to help people engage, adopt and use the change in their daily work
  • Failed project results
    Ignoring or mismanaging change manifests as costs and risks that play out on both the project level and organizational level. While some of these costs and risks may seem soft, many are quantifiable and can have a significant impact on financial performance for the project and the organization as a whole
  • Extended project timelines
    Unless you proactively support and guide people through the impacts from project changes, you leave on time success to chance
  • Low adoption and usage
    Change management mitigates or removes variability by preparing, equipping and supporting employees, so they can engage, adopt and use the change successfully
  • Additional project costs
    If the people side of change is ignored there are additional costs and risks
With Change Management
  • Employees feel prepared, equipped and supported
    With Change Management employees adopt changes faster, more completely and more proficiently. They stay engaged in the organization during disruptive change, understand why the change is happening and have the time and tools to get on board and feel heard and supported
  • Likely to meet project objectives
    6x more likely to meet project objectives
  • Likely to stay on schedule
    5x more likely to stay on schedule
  • Likely to stay on budget
    2x more likely to stay on budget
  • People-dependent ROI achieved
    The ROI of Change Management is measured in terms of the project benefits that are tied to adoption and usage. Therefore the ROI of change management is the ROI of the project because the result of applying change management is the achievement of intended results and outcomes for the project

Change Crew

Change Management = Speed of Adoption
Change Management = High Utilization Rate
Change Management = High Job Proficiency

Our change management flight plan supports and enables users as they navigate through transformational change, ensuring organizational and project success

It has been said that 25% of tech projects fail outright, 20% to 50% show no ROI, and up to 50% need massive reworking when finished. Organizations invest innumerable dollars in business applications and to see successful ROI, employees need to be supported in their personal change journey when adopting the new way of working and in doing it proficiently. Apps Change Management helps organizations focus on the cultural change and the customer-centric experience to ensure and support full user adoption and successful change navigation.

Expert Navigation

Apps Change Management drives the successful adoption and usage of change within the business. We support the organization in helping your employees understand and commit to critical best practices associated with the transformation and support them to work effectively throughout the change journey.

Without an effective organizational change management approach, transformational changes can be rocky and expensive in terms of both time and resources. They can also result in lower employee morale, engagement and competent skill development. Ultimately, a lack of effective change management can lead to increased organizational disconnect and poor user adoption, elevating the risk of failure.

Apps Change Management follows a supportive and curated process to guide organizational change by helping businesses take flight. We support employees and ensure increased user awareness and readiness that starts before and extends beyond the transformational journey.

Organizational Change Management Assessments:
  • Analysis on key areas of change to focus efforts
  • Leadership alignment, change network and project governance
  • Change impact analysis, barrier and risk identification
  • Targeted communications strategy
  • Engagement strategy & assessment
  • Targeted user readiness, training strategy and roadmap


Discovery Session & Needs Gathering

A crucial component of change management is laying a solid foundation to increase user adoption by asking the right questions during discovery, learning the business processes, (current state and future state), identifying key stakeholders and change committees and finally identifying potential change management risks aligned to the overall project cycles. With proper discovery and needs gathering we establish a clear understanding of goals, values and project scope. It provides an opportunity to identify process improvement and cross organizational dialogue to improve business outcomes.

Design & Discovery Workshops Focused On:
  • Project Vision and Branding
  • Change impact Analysis/Barrier and Risk identification
  • Targeted Readiness & Training Analysis & Recommendations
  • Change Management Assessment Plan and Roadmap for Implementation

Boarding & Safety Briefing

Overall Change Management & Strategy

Having a clear vision and objectives for the overall project is imperative to change success. We gain this insight by conducting thorough discovery sessions and integrating that information into the overall change management plan and strategy.

By establishing a formal strategy we ensure that any negative effects of change will be minimized and effectively institute a change management strategy. It is important to monitor change to ensure they have brought about the desired effect.

Tools & deliverables for successful implementation include:
  • Change Management Program Guide
  • Leadership alignment, change network and governance
  • Training Strategy, Curriculum, & Engagement
  • Overall Change Collaboration & Support
  • Change Management Sustainment Plan Post Go-Live

Take Off & Flight Navigation

Communication & Engagement

The more transparent and engaging we can be during the implementation process the more likely we are going to increase user adoption, ROI and ultimately change and transform as desired.

The difference between how people operate today vs. the “future state” needs to be communicated to help people understand areas that will change the most. It is important to assess the change, people and channels to prepare for to communicate change.  It is helpful to include the what and why in communicating to each audience.

Turbulence Avoidance & Landing

Change Management + Training = Knowledge.

User readiness, upskilling, and reskilling is the key to success! 69% of successful change programs reported offering training before and after go-live. Training is a key component of the change process and at Apps Associates we employ a “Learn as you go model.” This model allows for people to bring about change effectively and learn adaptable and buildable skills. In order for any organizational or transformational change to be successful, users should receive timely, appropriate ongoing training and support throughout the journey. With proper discovery and needs gathering Apps Change Management can establish a clear understanding of goals, values and project scope, and identify process improvements and create cross organizational dialogue to improve business outcomes.

The best organizations rely on their workforce, not executives, to lead change. Committing to effective, ongoing training increases your organization’s chances of success in any endeavor and the Apps Change Management team will partner with you to create a comprehensive training strategy and implementation program.

Training is the cornerstone of change management.

Apps Knowledge

“The Change Management team have been great. I appreciate their work given where we are in the project and their ability to pivot with us when needed has been much appreciated!”
– Vice President of Finance for a publically traded transformational pharmaceutical company.

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