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In today’s digital economy, engagement with your customers, partners and employees has never been more important. While most companies understand that, few know exactly how to do it. Apps is here to help. Salesforce Experience Cloud, can significantly enhance your online service experience for customers, partners, and internal users or employees. You can increase customer engagement by using groups, questions, files, and more. Each experience can be highly customized, meeting the demands for personalized content and giving your users exactly what they need, when they need it.

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Customers will always have questions. If your organization lacks easy access to answers to commonly asked questions, you risk losing current or potential customers. No one wants to jump through hoops to receive a response to a concern. By implementing a Salesforce community, finding answers and asking questions is simplified and streamlined. Salesforce’s customer communities function as self-service portals that offer FAQs, discussion pages, articles relevant to the products and services you offer, and process documentation.

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Partners to your company are also in need of a collaborative platform. Partner experiences are an all-encompassing destination for resellers and sales teams. By creating a single portal that provides all of the necessary information, collaboration, and company data, partners can work more efficiently and accurately to close in on the best business opportunities.

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Employees often need to share information and files, retrieve and read company announcements and documents, as well as manage projects. Rather than using separate platforms for these needs, an employee community takes care of this in one comprehensive portal. File sharing and requests for information or knowledge become more efficient and streamlined.

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Forcivity(now Apps Associates) was helpful in the design and architectural aspects in integrating Salesforce data and exposing that Salesforce data on the pages. They were very instrumental in designing a user-friendly site with the components and getting the information to the consumers in a nicely styled manor.

Tracy, UMass

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