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Offering a range of integration and automation services to take your business to the next level. From business process optimization to integration to process automation, we have the experience and skill to help you transform your business. 

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Today’s technology landscape requires several applications to work harmoniously together to run your business; applications in the cloud, databases installed on-premises and tons of valuable data stored in multiple systems. Apps Associates’ approach to integration and automation helps you simplify those systems so that information can flow freely between them, unlocking the powerful insights it holds and giving you the tools to transform your business.

Our approach goes deeper than surface level. Not only will we help you identify the best technology platforms and solutions to meet your needs, but we help you document and assess your core business processes. This helps your stakeholders understand where efficiency breakdowns are liable to happen and create a plan to optimize them, increasing productivity across the organization.

With a solid foundation, you can build upon your current state and lean into the future with AI and automation. With automation as a pillar of your digital transformation strategy, you can create efficiency in repeatable tasks and can help your employees be more efficient and gain greater satisfaction in their work.

Get the most out of your data with a strong integration and automation strategy. When you can confidently state that your systems are functioning in sync, your data can be trusted, and your processes are lean, that’s tech harmony.

The Importance of Integration and Automation

If you use more than one system to operate your business – like an ERP system and a CRM – you need to consider your integration strategy. Without ensuring a strong strategy, you may be missing crucial pieces of data in one system or the other, leading to duplicate efforts, or lost potential.

True digital transformation comes when you combine a strong data foundation with forward-thinking practices like automation. Think of all the tasks your team is responsible for, and all the processes that have to run efficiently to maintain your business. Can any of those be automated? With the right data and integration strategy, the answer is likely yes!



Work with our experts to ensure your data is flowing freely between all the systems you use to manage your business. Utilizing technologies like Boomi, Mulesoft and Oracle, we make your data work for you.

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Make your business more efficient by identifying and optimizing key processes and tasks. Implementing automation can save time and improve productivity, plus reduce human errors and overall costs.

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If you’re not sure where to begin, our Advisory services team is here for you. We work with you for an assessment, then create an implementation roadmap.  We focus on integration architecture so you can feel confident in your data.

Accelerating your Digital Transformation Journey with Apps Advisory Services


Get started 1-1 with our team. Our workshops are designed to show you your business potential and real-life impacts automation can offer.

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We’re excited to continue our work with Apps in the future… They have been instrumental in guiding and instructing our team through this process and we are grateful to have started our automation with them.

Aaron Risden, Chief Financial Officer at VBA

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