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Unlocking the Power of MuleSoft for Business Growth

Many businesses and IT teams have an overwhelming backlog of pending projects and requests with little time to tackle them. This is partly due to the breathtaking pace at which the technological landscape is constantly evolving, as well as organizations relying on outdated legacy tech. To keep up with the speed of innovation, enterprises need to be able to seamlessly coordinate between business units, synchronize data, and develop apps at speed. An integration platform like MuleSoft, which allows organizations to connect data, applications, and devices across on-premises and cloud tools, is a terrific solution for IT teams that are looking to automate and integrate systems.

Staying Competitive

Since joining the Salesforce family in 2018, MuleSoft has been the go-to solution for IT teams to integrate and automate, and the leading integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform takes an API-led approach, meaning that the platform connects data and applications via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These reusable API building blocks allow IT teams to connect applications, data, and devices with speed, agility, and reduced costs.

MuleSoft estimates that it can lower maintenance and operational costs by an average of 74%, a direct result of its API-first approach. Within MuleSoft you can manage the full API lifecycle, from design to building and publishing. You can also leverage previously built APIs for new projects, rather than developing new ones every time or managing them with a separate API product, as many other platforms require users to do. This reusability means far less time needs to be devoted to each new project, and operational costs are reduced as well, as teams can easily reuse assets.

MuleSoft can introduce countless improvements into business operations, allowing processes to move more smoothly and employees to work effectively, and maintain a competitive edge over other businesses. Particularly when there are certain business units that perform a high volume of repeatable tasks, having an integrated solution for automation will ease the burden on both them and the IT team. When an organization can grow and scale naturally – instead of in fits and starts due to lagging technology – it can improve its market performance while reducing costs.

Driving Growth

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform enables organizations to integrate data and systems for a connected customer experience, automate workflows and processes, and speed up and improve the app development process – all within one platform. And particularly important in today’s landscape, this platform allows you to maintain, enrich and grow applications built on the Salesforce Platform.

By working within this platform enterprises can launch new products 78% faster and increase productivity by an average of 64%. These capabilities for speed and agility translate directly into business growth for users of the platform, as it allows them to get new products out of development and into market faster and make real-time updates in response to consumer feedback. It fosters a truly symbiotic relationship between developers and business leaders: developers can easily build on each other’s work within the platform, improving their productivity, which in turn results in faster, more frequent, and better-functioning project launches from the company.

IT software development is now expected to launch and update at a breakneck pace, but an API-first platform can help companies do more than simply keep up. It allows them the opportunity to set the pace with their own business growth, by allowing everyone within the organization, regardless of skill level, to build exactly what they need when they need it. More work processes can become automated, and the speed of operations will be able to keep up with the speed at which innovation is happening across the industry.

Working with Apps

MuleSoft’s integrated features make it easy to develop and design new apps for a wide variety of business functions, and a library of Salesforce resources at your disposal make integrations fast and seamless. Whether your data is stored in Salesforce, on-premises, or in the cloud, you can bring all your data together in one place seamlessly with pre-built connectors.

With the help of Apps’ Business Integration and Automation team, you can easily integrate MuleSoft into your organization. Drawing from years of experience, we can help you to develop a customized plan to ensure your future growth and success on the platform, which will include an end-to-end plan for deployment. From consultation and assessment, integration and automation, managed services and change management, we always strive to meet customers where they are and serve as an ongoing point of contact after the initial implementation.

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