Managed Services for Oracle SaaS Customers

Our Innovative Applications Support Model helps Oracle Cloud ERP Customers get more value out of the software they already own. Our team works with customers to build a plan to leverage the complete capabilities of the software and simplify their operations.

The Vision of Oracle Cloud ERP

A lot of Oracle customers have bought into the vision of Cloud ERP Software for their businesses. These customers share this vision with leading industry analysts who report that the Oracle ERP Platform is one of the most robust, modern ERP systems on the market. Proper implementation and management of these systems can enable lower costs, improve scalability, enable built-in innovation, and improve time to market.

The Reality

However, what we see is that many customers are not able to maximize the value of their Oracle ERP systems on their own. After several years of running the software, they are not able to fully realize its potential. Challenges we hear include:

  • “I am not taking full advantage of the features of the software”
  • “I thought I was going to save money, but I’m not really seeing the cost savings I expected”
  • “I need to integrate Oracle to my other internal and external systems”
  • “I know there are new reporting tools, but I am not sure what is best for my company”
  • “It’s difficult to figure out what licenses I own and need to buy”
“I simply don’t know what I don’t know”

Where We Can Help

These customers bought the right software. Oracle ERP Cloud is the industry leader for SaaS ERP solutions, and is widely adopted across many industries worldwide. The software works – the real objective is to create and execute on a plan to take full advantage of its capabilities – both today and tomorrow.

Apps Associates Managed Services Team has the experience and expertise that enables Oracle customers to maximize the value from Oracle Cloud, including ERP, HCMSCM and EPM. We have worked with customers across the world and have a proven methodology to identify areas for improvement and put together actionable plans to drive efficiency and lower costs.

The good news is that at Apps Associates, “We do know what you don’t know” and can show you how to increase the return from your investment.

Get the most from your Oracle Relationship
  • Get the most from your Oracle Relationship
  • Leverage the Oracle Software with to its full capability
  • Leverage our proprietary tools to build a long-term roadmap
  • Improve the efficiency of your business
  • Lower your overall support cost across the enterprise
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Oracle ERP in a Hybrid World

Many customers that run Oracle ERP Cloud leverage non-Oracle applications as part of their overall application architecture. Apps Associates can provide managed services expertise for those customers that need assistance with the following:

Migrate ERP

  • Enterprise Integration
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics – Oracle, Redshift, Snowflake and Oracle Integration Cloud Services.
  • – Implementation and support
  • Advisory Services – Design, Architecture and Roadmapping
  • Infrastructure as a Service – Technical Architecture and Support

Regardless of the complexity of your environment, if you run Oracle ERP Cloud, we can help you maximize the value you get from your applications.