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What can we expect from the Office of the CFO (OCFO) in 2024? No longer is a CFO just responsible for the numbers. They need to have a deeper understanding of the business they are in and how technology contributes. CFOs are at the forefront of digital transformation, side by side with their CEO focused on people, processes, and technology, all while managing the unexpected and uncertainties.

CFOs’ roles continue to evolve and expand as does the requirements of their staff. They are responsible for building high performance teams and developing plans that flag opportunities for growth, optimize capitol and align financial strategies with leaderships objectives. CFOs need tools that help them plan accurately and for more than just the next quarter, along with complete and accurate data.

In addition to strategic financial leadership, CFOs and their staff need to be on top of risk management and compliance, efficiently managing cash flow and cost control. CFOs will need to work with their teams to ensure that the are agile and adaptable all while staying abreast of the latest technology and financial trends. And above all a CFO will need to show their CEO and leadership financial transparency.

Apps Associates has deep expertise in working with the Office of the CFO and getting organizations set up with a roadmap to true digital transformation. We work with companies to align their back office systems so that they can accommodate growth and scale for the future.

The role of the OCFO will expand and evolve

Our solutions are comprehensive and designed to elevate performance while supporting the CFO to deliver enterprise value and business strategy. We offer an array of services to meet the OCFO’s every changing need including:
• Assessments
• Strategy
• Accounting & Financial Reporting
• Budget, Planning and Close
• Performance Reporting
• Analytics
• Optimization
• Transformation

Apps Associates enables OCFOs and finance

As a CFO’s priorities expand and the need to adjust align quickly becomes paramount, Apps Associates can help. Oracle EPM is designed to help you better MANAGE your business through streamlining the processes within finance. EPM can help your organization more accurately budget and plan as well as align strategy with the right technology. It can provide you with a better understanding of profitability and costs while reducing the time and effort for reconciliations and improving reporting and collaboration within finance to give you true financial transparency

That’s where Apps Associates excels. As an Oracle Partner since 2002, Apps Associates has been providing Oracle-based EPM solutions for almost twenty years. We help empower our customers on their organizational journey by delivering robust EPM solutions on time and on budget. We have experienced Finance Implementation Consultants with deep business and technical backgrounds.

Our customer list is extensive and our track record speaks for itself. We deliver efficient, high quality, compliant implementations that incorporate rigorous quality and documentation to help plan and budget faster and more efficiently.

Apps Associates is here to help.

Apps Associates has a rich history of delivering world class EPM specific solutions that addresses CFO’s pain points, industry needs and regulatory requirements. We understand that the OCFO have special needs and are experiencing explosive growth. Finance leaders across the world are seeing increased challenges and demands regardless of geography, industry, or sector. Many organizations start small and simply from a system perspective. As the business evolves and growth accelerates, lack of a more comprehensive, robust solution can stall your organization’s success.

A Sampling of Our Customers Include

Clean Harbor
Grange Insurance

For a business looking to scale, automation is key – and there’s a limit to what excel can do standalone. EPM is the solution for your financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting, and aligning your business and technical needs. As an Oracle partner since 2002 with over 450 implementations completed successfully, Apps Associates can support and guide your finance teams before, during and after the implementation takes place, leaving them feeling confident in the new environment.

Apps Associates helps support OCFO strategic goals as well as supporting offices such as Office of Budget, Office of Financial Management, Office of Analytics, Performance and Improvement and Office of Regional Financial Management. We are a proactive business partner that helps you drive organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency. We know that building value for the business and elevating decision-making capacity is paramount. Apps’ solutions are designed and implemented to construct transparency, compliance, and continuity. We provide strategies and solutions that deliver results and enables finance to operate more effectively and efficiently. We have the services, finance focus, technical depth, and credentials to drive the results your business needs:

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) can significantly enhance the capabilities of EPM systems, providing organizations with more advanced tools for planning, forecasting, analysis, and decision-making.

EPM Highlights:

Here are some key AI functionalities in EPM to name a few:

Predictive Analytics:

Predictive Analytics AI algorithms can analyze historical performance data and identify patterns to make accurate predictions about future trends. This is particularly useful in forecasting financial results, demand planning, and anticipating market trends.

Automated Forecasting

Automated Forecasting AI can automate the process of creating forecasts by learning from historical data and identifying relevant factors. This not only saves time but also improves the accuracy of forecasts by considering a broader range of variables.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection AI can identify anomalies or outliers in financial data that may indicate errors, fraud, or unusual business events. This helps in ensuring data quality and integrity in EPM processes.