Business Integration

Seamlessly integrated data across your business systems is essential to achieving Tech Harmony. A thoughtful, data-driven design ensures that information can flow freely from one system to another, giving you the confidence you need to make important decisions. Whatever systems you use to run your business, we help make the most out of them.

In our Business Integration and Automation practice we talk a lot about Middleware because it plays a very important role in business operations. Middleware tools assist in data transformation, validation, transmission, and accuracy between systems. At Apps, we like to think of our middleware partner products, like Oracle, MuleSoft, and Boomi, as the vehicle that transports important information from one spot to another. This allows us to then take that free-flowing data and transform it into actionable business rules.

What is Middleware?

Apps Integration Expertise

The Apps Approach to integration includes:

  • 100% reusable and extensible framework, integrated into your environment
  • System Level APIs – Source system or target system – for both extraction and updates
  • Standard business logic included can be extended per your specific requirements
  • API to API mapping
  • Standard and Basic level validation and error handling, easily adjustable to your unique scenarios
  • Compatible, scalable, and reusable solutions based on your business logic

Jumpstart Your Cloud Transformation

Integration Accelerators

Apps Associates has been helping clients with their data and technology needs for more than twenty years. In that time, we’ve worked with many systems and integration points and understand what is needed for a successful implementation. We enter each engagement with our Apps Toolkit, a strong foundation and baseline of code and knowledge that makes your project cycle quicker and minimizes pain points. Our team of experts provides smooth, pain-free implementations and integrations to minimize handling errors and get you to your desired result faster.