Apps Associates Self-Service Portal

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Intro to Apps Associates

Apps Associates is a premier enterprise application advisory services leader with a customer-first focus. For more than two decades decision makers have turned to Apps Associates for end-to-end strategic counsel, system integration and the services required to solve their most complex business and digital transformation challenges—applying expansive expertise in data and analytics, application modernization, automation, digital systems, operations, and change management.

As a digital transformation enterprise application services leader, our history addresses your present needs. Using empirical data and hands-on experience, we improve business outcomes and lower the total cost of technology investments. As a seasoned enterprise application advisory services leader with more than two decades of experience aligning business and technology imperatives, Apps Associates serves as an extension of your business — driving forward digital transformation that ensures those investments yield measurable results.

Apps Associates – A Trusted Partner

By partnering with Apps Associates, you gain the benefits of a wide range of advanced safeguards and security measures. These include zero-trust network methods, real-time data protection, industry-leading identity and access management systems, business resiliency assurance, and intelligent detection and prevention handling.

What is self-service portal?

In an era marked by increasing cybersecurity threats and evolving regulatory requirements, our organization remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting both our assets and your data. Our security posture is built upon a foundation of proactive measures, advanced technologies, and best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information across all our operations.

Our dedication to security extends beyond mere compliance; it is ingrained in our culture and reflected in every aspect of our operations. Through continuous monitoring, regular audits, and ongoing training initiatives, we strive to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, thereby reinforcing the trust you place in us as your partner.

We have created a self-service portal for our customers to enable them to view and download the general information about Apps Associates. The data includes security questionnaires, certifications and other supporting documentation like security and privacy policies.

Our goal is to ensure compliance with customer requirements. If you have any issues accessing the website or have additional questions regarding the content, please feel free to reach out directly.


1. SIG Security Questionnaire

2. Written Information Security Policy

3. Cybersecurity Insurance Certificate

4. Bridge Letters

5. SOC1 Type1 Report

6. SOC1 Type2 Report


If you have issues in accessing any of the above reports, please reach out to