Oracle on AWS Made Easy

For Oracle customers with large footprints of legacy products across all categories (applications, database, analytics, middleware, engineering systems, hardware), they must figure out how to shift IT spend to cloud and improve operational and service efficiencies. Can you leverage leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services as part of the roadmap? Learn how with guidance and experience from Apps Associates.

All things Oracle, accelerating the path to cloud

All things Oracle means All Things Oracle

With a range of technologies under our belt, we provide the breadth of expertise necessary when working with an Oracle customer including experience around the applications, databases, analytics, middleware, DB appliances, engineered systems, and hardware

Building Your Oracle Enterprise Roadmap

When planning the roadmap for your Oracle enterprise footprint, it’s critical to work backwards from a vision of the future state. Be sure to develop a careful plan for each workload based on fit, cost, time, TCO/ROI, risk and compliance as you move to cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).  It’s an opportunity to build a better future state as part of your overall business transformation.

Where and how does Amazon Web Services fit into your future state?  Apps Associates can help you to get started with proven approach, methodology and history of customer success, whether re-architecting, migrating and optimizing to take advantage of AWS hosted environments or modernization and optimization of your Oracle applications and databases with cloud-native service offerings.


  • Define success criteria (performance, compliance, etc.)
  • Architect, design, build
  • Identify upgrade, proof and optimization requirements


  • Execute migration strategy (re-host, re-platform, re-architect, move to SaaS, retire)
  • Leverage AWS cloud-native services and databases
  • Move to manage with Amazon RDS for Oracle


  • Post-prod Hypercare
  • Full stack Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  • Ongoing management, reporting with AppsPack
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement