Car Rental Company Scales with AWS

Our customer has been in business for over 100+ years and provides car rental, car sharing and rides sharing services in over 100 countries catering to both corporate customers as well as private travelers. This company boasts having over 5,000 employees worldwide and revenues over 3 billion dollars.

Company Overview

Our customer was growing and needed a state-of-the-art IT platform in order to keep pace and exceed the demand they were experiencing in the global mobility market.  They knew that it was essential for them to have a digital, innovation-driven strategy to stay on top their game in a very competitive market.  As part of their long-term vision of migrating to a cloud-based, high-performing and more efficient IT infrastructure, they sought to migrate all IT-Systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

For the migration to AWS, they selected and partnered with Apps Associates because of their experience with Oracle as well as AWS.

Objectives and Challenges

In order to operate timely, efficiently and effectively, Apps Associates performed migrations mainly by ‘lift & shift’ for application workloads while all Oracle database workloads got re-platformed to RDS.

Apps Associates worked this customer to support multiple teams split into workstreams by lines of business. Apps Associates took care of planning, migration strategies/procedures and delivery. Apps Associates also supported the workstream teams throughout the whole realization of the technical migration and with automation (Terraform) paths.

It was a complex project with over 700+ Servers, 50+ Oracle databases, 15+ MS SQL Server databases, and 200TB+ of data distributed across numerous 3rd applications like Hyperion, Abby, iManage, Reval, GoldenGate and Fortigate firewall migration as well as migrating other back-office systems across custom-built applications in various technologies like PHP, Java, Cobol and C.

The Apps Associates’ team worked closely with the customer to migrate network systems, build AWS Transfer Family, execute Terraform implementation and provide consulting on best practices and architecture while also delivering enablement and training of internal employees.

The project was delivered on-budget within the targeted timeline and the migration was a deemed a large success.


The custom applications included the business-critical internal booking and the back-office system that is utilized by 2,000+ branches across the globe. This system alone included 5 separate Oracle databases with 80TB of data and was migrated to RDS for Oracle with minimal downtime. The project eliminated the need for Oracle RAC and achieved a huge licensing benefit with the cloud migration while also achieving 4-times better performance for the most critical database processes compared to on-premise.


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