Oracle EPM Brings Transparency and Performance Drivers to a Major Healthcare Organization

Our client is a healthcare provider serving 200,000 residents of a tri-state region, with nearly 3,000 employees. Their business includes medical facilities, including a teaching hospital with more than 325 beds, and a network of more than 20 medical practices, generating upwards of $490 million in annual net revenue.


  • Upgrade their dedicated financial performance platform for healthcare to a more robust solution with enhanced capabilities.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for planning and reporting key performance indicators, vital business metrics, and essential statistics.
  • Strategize enterprise-wide gross revenue planning, including an effective distribution strategy across revenue centers.
  • Devise a staffing plan based on service volume in different areas to ensure optimal resource allocation.
  • Tailor expense planning for business areas by considering specific service drivers such as patient days, admissions, length of stay, visits, and RVUs.
  • Predict budget fluctuations (budget flex) by analyzing and projecting driver behaviors.
  • Streamline the allocation of centrally planned expenses for better financial management.
  • Implement advanced forecasting techniques for projecting current-year results and multi-year financial performance.

Business Objectives

  • Successfully implemented Oracle Cloud EPM Planning with seamless integration to Oracle Cloud ERP GL for actuals, as well as integration with the human resources/payroll application for detailed labor information.
  • Utilized historical data and other spreads within the same or different entity departments to derive project statistics.
  • Developed budgeting strategies based on multiple drivers projected from actual volumes, with calculated adjustments to flex results aligning with entity-department and account category specifications.
  • Strategically allocated approved gross revenue to revenue centers, categorized by type-of-service, and further down to entity-department levels based on driver volumes.
  • Streamlined labor budgeting by forecasting the total effective FTEs by job code for various entity-department combinations, accompanied by monthly reporting against paid hours.
  • Efficiently allocated benefits across the organization and overhead across revenue centers to ensure equitable distribution and effective financial management.
  • Provided accurate current-year projections at a detailed budget level, along with a comprehensive five-year forecast of the summary income statement and balance sheet.


  • Ensured ongoing accessibility to financial plans and results, offering clear visibility into the core performance drivers.
  • Provided comprehensive insights into operational areas of excellence and identified specific areas necessitating proactive management action.
  • Offered a robust suite of tools to effectively manage staffing, optimize service delivery, and administer facilities and resources for enhanced operational efficiency.


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