Built-in Disaster Recovery

On top of Amazon’s impressive 99.999999% reliability rating for volume backups, we have implemented an EPM application specific backup and data restoration process that exports your critical data and replicates this data within the region and across the country.

Once your application has been migrated to our private EPM cloud, you’ll have an automatic disaster recovery plan in place.

Built-in Disaster Recovery Strategy

In the event of a network or power outage, or a catastrophic event in your facility (or town), your hosted environment will still be available to you from any internet-connected computer. Our automated server storage and backup data is stored on the Amazon (AWS) S3 storage architecture. Data is dispersed securely among multiple availability zones and geographic locations which allows us to restore and rebuild your servers in a different data center, if needed.

Apps Assoicates also maintains a “Standby cluster” for all clients in a highly-secure data center within your region. This standby cluster can be instantiated within a short time frame and existing network connections redirected for seamless transition.

In addition, all backups are transferred to an opposite coast. If an unthinkable situation occurs and all availability zones (data centers) within an Amazon region become unavailable, Apps Associates can recover your server cluster and data on the opposite coast.

Built-in Disaster Recovery Strategy

We are dedicated to giving our client’s complete confidence in the backup, restore and disaster recovery process. Our goal is to let you focus on financial reporting, analytics and success, and let us worry about your EPM application environment.

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Financial Peace of Mind