Secure Connectivity Options

Hosting applications and data in the cloud often raises security concerns for many of our clients. This is why Apps Associates offers multiple options that you can utilize, and rely on, the secure connections to your private EPM cloud.

VPN Tunnel

For most clients, a VPN Tunnel is established between your on-premises router and your private cloud hosting application servers. A VPN Tunnel allows transparent access to the full functionality of the EPM cloud applications by all of your users, even though the highly-secure servers appear to be local and accessible – just like an on-premise server.

The VPN Tunnel allows full and potentially automated data integration in loading data from on-premise (and other hosting firm) source systems as well as exporting this data back to GL systems. The VPN tunnel is typically implemented with client IT support.

Secure SSL Connection

For those clients wishing to access their EPM applications via the public internet, we offer a secure SSL connection (via https) which can also function as a backup to dedicated tunnels or our VPN client connections. This option provides web based access as well as from within EXCEL spreadsheets.

VPN Client Connection

We also offer VPN client connection which is used in conjunction with the secure SSL connection. This option is ideal for power users within our clients’ organizations who require access beyond web and spreadsheet access. This type of connection is installed on the end-users PC.


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Secure Cloud Deployment and Connectivity Options