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Migrating workloads to the Public Cloud – is it right for you?

Cloud adoption has risen drastically in the last four years since the global pandemic showed the importance of widespread digital transformation.  Organizations need to access their systems from anywhere, anytime, along with the ability to adapt and scale at a moment’s notice. More and more customers have been moving their Oracle workloads to the Cloud – and many have chosen to do so with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Migrating workloads to the Public Cloud
Apps Associates has worked with dozens of customers on their cloud migration journeys, and we have seen first-hand how this can positively impact their business. Here is a snapshot of customers who have recently leveraged AWS cloud to successfully transform their legacy Oracle footprint of applications, databases, and technology.


Biscom is an enterprise fax and secure file transfer provider that leads the industry with award-winning solutions for some of the world’s largest regulated organizations in industries such as healthcare, finance, and government.

Biscom partnered with Apps Associates to migrate mission-critical workloads across three independent data centers within twenty-six weeks.

Capsule summary:

  • Migrated workloads from three (3) separate data centers around Boston, Massachusetts USA to AWS including all compute, storage, network, telecommunications, and mail exchange.
  • Mission-critical production workload used by over 6,000 customers and 1 Million+ users with thousands of file transfers per hour.
  • Biscom had approximately 200 servers and 67,000+ telephone numbers used for FAX services that required a migration with very limited downtime or none at all depending on the migration wave.
  • Apps Associates Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS) re-architected, migrated, and tuned the AWS footprint.

Outcome highlights:

  • Biscom was able to exit its data centers according to the planned timeline. The migration reduced costs, drove operational efficiencies, increased fault-tolerance, and sharpened an already secure posture.  It did this all with increased performance and the ability to scale any future infrastructure demands with the extensive list of AWS services.


Stagwell is a digital-first global marketing network that delivers scalable, seamless solutions through a unique combination of culture-moving creativity and leading-edge technology.

Stagwell needed to modernize, streamline, and reduce costs associated with their Access to their EPM application.  Apps Associates partnered with Stagwell developers to replace the existing access method with a simpler, more cost-effective solution.

Capsule summary:

  • Deploy a custom web application which adds functionality to Oracle’s Fusion Enterprise Performance Management Suite (EPM)
  • Adds mapping, payroll, and revenue features to Oracle’s Fusion Enterprise Performance Management Suite (EPM)
  • Built on the open-source Blazor framework and hosted on the Public Cloud using state of the art Compute, Storage, Networking, and Security technologies

Outcome highlights:

  • Streamlined the way users access the Oracle EPM application
  • Cost consolidation/reduction and improved future state architecture leveraging several Cloud services
  • Improved management and control over connectivity to the Oracle EPM application

Apps Associates provides services for all things Oracle on AWS. Our team manages the entire AWS environment, enabling significant cost savings, increased agility, and zero business disruption or downtime.  Apps’ technical teams provide expert AWS consulting throughout the entire migration and post-migration process. From Dev Ops to Managed Services we have you covered.

Our Managed Services are based on our next-generation monitoring platform that uses statistical and Machine Learning algorithms to reduce alarm fatigue and focus attention on real issues that need attention.  Staffed by AWS-certified engineers, our managed services teams are ready to support you anytime, all the time.  Consider letting us manage your Oracle/AWS systems in the cloud.