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Working at Apps

I’ve been working at Apps Associates for almost 12 years, since November 2012, by way of acquisition. I officially joined the Apps team when the company acquired SmartDog in 2019.

After the acquisition, I was offered a database architect (DBA) role within Apps. What drew me to the position were the abundant professional opportunities to improve my technical knowledge, since the client portfolio was vast with well-known companies and complex architectures. Additionally, I felt that everyone I met during the recruitment process was genuine and attentive to my questions and needs, which allowed me to make a smooth transition into the Apps team.

At Apps, I appreciate the challenging projects I’ve been able to work on. I’m able to build solutions that allow our customers to maintain their 24×7 database systems with minimal downtime, ensuring continuity in their business operations. I’ve also been able to expand my knowledge into cloud-based solutions, like migrating from on-premises databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). There are always exciting challenges and customer needs along the way and working with the cross-functional teams at Apps we’ve been able to do these migrations in record time.

Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental values at Apps Associates. Our clients have come to expect our high level and quality of service, and everyone on the team works towards the common goal of customer satisfaction. We have a level of trust within our team, not only with the other DBAs in my group, but also through systems admins, network admins, and leadership.

The Apps leadership team is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I can see the company working constantly towards its goals. We believe that diverse teams lead to better decision-making and improved performance, and Apps actively works towards creating a culture that tackles bias and provides ample training resources to employees.  

I believe Apps Associates practices inclusive leadership by creating a safe team environment where everyone feels heard and respected and fosters open dialogue and collaboration. As a woman and coming from a Peruvian culture, in my professional experience, I always had to force myself to make my voice heard since women are usually a minority in IT. However, at Apps, I’ve received several compliments and recognition for my work, and I can see there is no discrimination of any kind and that all the employees have opportunities to shine as bright as they want.