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Apps Associates Will be Presenting at the East Coast Oracle User Conference

Dates: December 12th to 13th , 2023
Venue: Hilton Raleigh, North Hills, Raleigh, NC

Apps Associates presentation aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in the US Government Cloud, addressing common challenges and offering practical advice for a successful implementation. Additionally, it will cover features like Identity and Cloud Services (IDCS), along with User Management setups specific to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in the US Government Cloud.

Subject: Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) US Government Cloud

Speaker: Sravani Prakki

Date & Time: December 12th, 2023 | 11:15 AM-12:15 PM

Please join Sravani for her presentation.

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About Apps Associates:

Apps Associates is a premier enterprise applications and technology advisor, counseling and executing across every stage of the enterprise transformation journey—not just the destination. For more than two decades, Apps Associates has closely collaborated with decision makers across nearly every industry, offering end-to-end integration, modernization, and cloud migration services. By helping to break down the silos within today’s most complex business challenges, Apps Associates is unlocking solutions and efficiencies that scale into future opportunities.