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A Deep Dive with Dan Woods of Early Adopter Research

Apps Associates’ Oracle to the Cloud Data and Advice on the Best Way to Migrate

Recently, our very own Paul Vian, SVP of Sales and Marketing, and Bill Saltys, SVP of Alliances, sat down with Dan Woods of Early Adopter Research (EAR) to discuss the findings from our Oracle to the Cloud report, which surveyed 300+ IT decision makers (ITDMs). The conversation captured in the “Cloud Migration Made Easier” podcast focuses on educating Oracle users around how to manage and navigate their choices when moving legacy applications to the cloud.

Apps Associates originally engaged in Oracle customer research based on the conversations we were having with our customers and prospects. Our team was seeing clear hesitation in the market around migrating legacy on-premise Oracle applications. We decided to get a broader perspective from decision makers across the landscape to better understand what the pivot points were, and what challenges prompted them to hesitate.

What the research uncovered supported what we were hearing from customers and major industry players. As outlined in our conversation with Dan, we found that almost 3 in 5 ITDMs said that while they know the cloud is the way forward, they aren’t sure how to get there. More importantly, while 79% of ITDMs want to move to the cloud (either public or private infrastructure), they feel there are too many risks when moving to a third-party, non-Oracle cloud environment. While this was a major concern expressed by survey participants, our research and industry expertise have demonstrated that yes, it is feasible to successfully migrate to a third-party cloud – here at Apps Associates, we’ve helped move 160+ Oracle footprints to AWS!

Oracle Application Customers From Migration to the Cloud

In the podcast discussion with Dan Woods, we debunk the major myths associated with Oracle migration. The podcast drills down into the many dimensions of a customer’s Oracle relationship, the stages of a cloud migration journey, and opportunities for improvement. Bill and Paul share valuable insight around understanding the Oracle prerequisites that are required in a company’s infrastructure, and how to think beyond the initial cloud journey to enable future success. For example, Bill notes, “when we have the discussions around what’s stopping you from getting to the cloud, a lot of people forget that the endgame is the transformation of the business.”

Listen to the full podcast episode for more insights on the report findings, stages of migration, and the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Episode Details:

* 4:30 – Top findings and data from Apps Associates’ research

* 11:30 – Customer demand for moving to the cloud

* 19:00 – The stages of migrating to the cloud

* 21:00 – What are the benefits of moving Oracle to the cloud?