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Automate Your Month End Close

A quick and automated month end close is at top of most accounting executives check list. One that is accurate, transparent and free from human error. With that in mind, Apps Associates created ExpediteClose which is an automated approach to month end close for Oracle Cloud Financials (Accounts Payable module). Built to help accounting professionals reduce reliance on manual processes, eliminate inaccuracies and get critical information in the hands of decision makers that is timely and accurate.


ExpediteClose accelerates month end close for Oracle Cloud using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create an automated approach to month end close.  Leveraging UiPath to automate timely tasks and dependencies, ExpediteClose creates an easy to deploy, error-free automated bot-led month end close process that is repeatable and fast.  The bot enables the close of single or multiple ledgers in one shot, executes concurrent jobs to enable AP Close for each operation and performs operations around validation, review and final close.  The bot can display all of the executed jobs on the form with its respective statuses updated in real time; provides automated exception reports, output, log files and also provides the status of the jobs (success/error). It authenticates users based on their Oracle Cloud user role.

An accelerated and automated month end close translates into more accurate reporting that all constituents feel confident in. Employees are able to focus on more rewarding and strategic initiatives increasing their overall satisfaction.  Human error and human effort are reduced all while saving time, and improving productivity, accuracy and consistency of the monthly close. Equally as important costs are reduced, delivery is frictionless and there are easy standardizations of work flow along with enhanced analytics.

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