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Collaborate 19 with Kai Glittenberg – every year a great experience!

Collaborate 19 is the world biggest Oracle user conference that takes place every spring. This year, the event starts on April 7th and ends on April 11th, and for the very first time, it is being held in San Antonio, Texas.

Kai Glittenberg, Practice Manager, has been to the conference several times and is still excited about attending it. As part of our German team in Dortmund, Kai will fly over to present three lectures at this year’s conference, telling about interesting topics coming up while working on customer’s projects. So, let us see what Kai has to say about his experiences at the Collaborate conferences. Apps asks, Kai answers.

Collaborate 2019

Question: What are your impressions about the past Collaborate conferences?
Answer: Since Collaborate is the biggest Oracle user conference in the world, I really enjoy it every year. The agenda is always filled with a huge diversity of topics. Also, Oracle presents very detailed, latest news and current topics at the conference. Every year, I came back home with many new ideas and more knowledge about the subjects covered at the event.

Question: What are you excited about most?
Answer: Well, I think I am mostly happy to see my American colleagues in-person. That is quite different to the web sessions that we normally use to communicate. Plus, the 2019’s agenda seems to be very interesting, I am excited to see some good presentations. Another big point is the location change from Las Vegas to San Antonio.

Question: What topics are you talking about in your sessions?
Answer: This time I will present three different sessions with a colorful mix of topics. The first one “APEX Performance Tips & Tricks: Deep Dive into Apex”, is a more technical focused presentation. I will talk about some technical issues and findings that came up throughout the past costumer’s projects.

The second presentation “Oracle E-Business Suite Integration – Introduction in the Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG)”, is more about the huge topic integration, accompanying us more and more in the age of digitalization. In this one, I want to show up the possibilities that the EBS as legacy system is giving us.

My third session “GDPR and Oracle E-Business Suite: Deep Dive into Oracle Data Removal Tool” deals with the GDPR, accompanying us in IT. Explicit, I will show a GDPR Implementation, that we made for a customer.

Question: How did you choose these topics?
Answer: My ideas for topics “pop up” in my head from time to time while I am working on customer’s projects.

Question: What are the most important things for you while attending the event?
Answer: Definitively the sharing of experiences and the whole networking. In our job as consultants, these are two essential points to link to new people and create new ideas.

Question: Since when are you working on your lectures and how do you prepare yourself?
Answer: I collect my ideas all over the year, noticing them while working on projects in my journey. Later, some will be transformed to a lecture, some not.

If you are interested in how our journey looked like, make sure to check our social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can check out all our activities and sessions at the event righ here.