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Configure Your Enterprise Onboarding Process to Gain Better Control and Provide a Superior Experience

Did you know that Enterprise Onboarding leveraged through HCM Checklist is integrated with Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) for pre-boarding and onboarding?

For employees hired through ORC, onboarding tasks can be assigned at various employee phases. This allows for more control and provides sufficient time in fulfilling tasks. For example, Manager tasks can be assigned well before the employee(s) starts by utilizing the ‘Allocation Criteria’ which can be overridden at the step level. See below:

Allocation Criteria One
Allocation Criteria Two

You can also utilize sequence for multiple steps of same ‘Allocation Criteria’.

Manager tasks can be created as a separate step with ‘Allocation Criteria’ = ‘Checklist manually allocated or record created or approved’ and the employee tasks can be created as a separate step with ‘Allocation Criteria’ = ‘When the action record becomes effective’.

Manage Allocated Checklist One
Manage Allocated Checklist Two

Questionnaires can be used for surveying/exit interviewing. Checklists can be viewed through ‘Manage Allocated Checklist’ RUI a.k.a Onboarding Tile.

You want your onboarding process to be a positive experience for your new employees that is seamless, unobtrusive and lays the foundation for productive employment. With Enterprise Onboarding you can achieve that.

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