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What it is Like to Work at Apps Associates – Brandon

I never anticipated a career as technically oriented as the one I find myself in today. Starting out in management, most of my professional life was spent in higher education. Over those 13 years, I often found myself in need of technical support, but with limited budget and priority to get things done. A familiar tale for many, I’m sure.

My journey into the technical realm began when I invested in training for my department, slowly becoming fluent in Salesforce. With a few certifications and successful projects under my belt, I transitioned into the role of a product owner. One of my initial initiatives involved engaging with a seasoned consulting Certified Technical Architect (CTA) from Apps Associates for a comprehensive review and health check.

Armed with a list of top-priority issues, our development plans hit a roadblock when several developers simultaneously left my company in higher education. In need of a rapid rebuild without compromising development speed, I engaged with Apps Associates to bring on senior architects and developers for coaching and code assistance. Within a year, with the help of Apps Associates, we coached up our internal developers into Salesforce technology and best practices. Transforming ourselves into a well-oiled machine with three different product teams utilizing a Scaled Agile methodology.

Seeking to broaden my understanding of Salesforce beyond Service Cloud, I eventually left my long-time employer in higher education. Leaving and joining Apps Associates in February of 2022 made perfect sense to me. The mutual familiarity with skillsets, workflow, and expectations, coupled with the incredible people I had already worked with, led me to choose Apps without applying elsewhere.

My move to Apps was fueled by a desire for challenges in both technology and business processes, and I didn’t have to wait long. Within weeks, I found myself working on a project for a global company, leveraging experience sites for partners worldwide. Shortly after, I delved deep into a multibillion-dollar company’s quoting system, reverse engineering their complex pricing structure, tax, credits, renewals, and volume discounts.

Over the last year at Apps Associates, my focus has been primarily on mastering the new Manufacturing Cloud from Salesforce. Immersed in learning the intricacies of forecasting functionality and processes, my goal is to customize these solutions to better serve our clients.

In addition to my project work, I’ve been promoted into a leadership role. My team, despite being geographically dispersed, is supportive and close-knit. Weekly meetings keep us connected, fostering a collaborative environment where we not only discuss work but also stay connected as individuals.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Northeast Dreamin’, where I presented on my expertise as a Product Owner and effective roadmap management. Looking ahead, I aspire to present a deep-dive technical session on the insights gained from Advanced Account Forecasting.

In my time at Apps Associates, I’ve found everything I hoped for—great colleagues, challenging problems to solve, opportunities for professional growth, and support in engaging with the Salesforce Community. Having experienced Apps Associates from both client and team member perspectives, I value their professionalism and dedication. Embracing each challenge and triumph, my journey here has been transformative. Reflecting on the past and looking forward, the dynamic blend of talent and technology within the Apps Associates community energizes me. I’m confident in the ongoing evolution, seeing not just a career but a collective commitment to innovation and success.