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DOAG Conference and Exhibition 2018 – A Huge Success!

Apps Associates GmbH was part of this year’s DOAG Conference and Exhibition in Nuremberg from November 20th to November 23rd. With a team of eleven Associates, we enjoyed three days at the conference. Especially exciting was having Wilfrido Solano, Director, Cloud Services, from the U.S. Associates’s Team attend as a guest for us at the conference.

We are grateful to have participated in this event and for all of the people who we met there. Our conversations were lively and engaging as we discussed interesting white papers. We were pleased to have the opportunity to present at this conference. During our lectures, the audience engaged, asked questions and stayed after to talk further.

DOAG TeamAnja Wiegele from our German team presented her very first lecture at this year’s conference. She discussed one customer’s project together with Sven Kinze from Carglass®. Both shared their work on a supply chain project about the self-service web application for the ordering process at Carglass®. Anja and Sven made a good team, since they have been working well on that project since February 2018 together. Anja set up a APEX mask for this project to help Carglass®. “It was so much fun and I do not know why I was so nervous before.” Anja said afterwards. For her it is clear that she will present more lectures in the future. She said, “The interest of the audience in my work is pushing me. A great feeling!” People asked about the possibilities of mobile use of the designed APEX mask. Since the mobility is very important to Carglass®, the mask can be used from every mobile device.

In Dominik Notzon’s lecture about Web-Services with APEX 18.1, people even stood two rows in the back of the room to listen! At the end of his lecture, Dominik started an open discussion with the audience, so that everyone was involved. It was nice to see that people were interested in what we we had to say and that these people may benefit from of our expertise! One question about the use of PL/SQL with remote SQL was even answered from one of the APEX-founders Carsten Czarski himself, who also sat in the audience.

Another highlight for us was the party we hosted together with the SCOPE alliance for our VIP-guests.  As one of four members of the SCOPE alliance, Apps Associates GmbH planned a wonderful night in a popular club, called “Nachtkind” in Nuremberg. The motto for the party was “#workpartybalance”. Everyone had so much fun dancing and making new relationships in a relaxed atmosphere.

DOAG Events

Back in Dortmund, our weekly team meeting was mostly about the experiences we had in Nuremberg, like presenting lectures, talking to new people, learning about the conference-journey and so on. DOAG was definitely a success for all of us! Especially for our newer colleagues who enjoyed the event. As you can see, we had a great time in Nuremberg and can’t wait for next year!

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