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Extend your Oracle ERP Footprint with Oracle EPM

We hear it from customers all of the time. I have Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), so why do I need Oracle EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)? I’m here to share with you why extending your Oracle ERP footprint with Oracle EPM has a stronger impact on your bottom line and overall company performance.

EPM Empowers Finance Professionals with Unfettered Access to Data

While Oracle ERP excels in overseeing day-to-day operations, Oracle EPM takes a specialized approach, distilling intricate details down to the crucial elements that are essential for financial management and organizational leadership. Think of EPM as the strategic sandbox that empowers finance professionals by providing unfettered access to the data, metrics, and in-depth analyses necessary to influence and optimize the overall performance of the organization.

In this sandbox, finance teams can wield a comprehensive set of tools, allowing them to shape and refine financial strategies with precision. EPM serves as the conduit through which financial intricacies are distilled into actionable insights, enabling finance and management to make informed decisions that have a tangible impact on the organization’s performance. By facilitating this deeper level of understanding and control, EPM becomes an indispensable asset, aligning financial strategies with overarching organizational goals and driving sustained success.

Oracle ERP Helps You Operate Your Business, Oracle EPM Helps You Elevate It

While you may express enthusiasm for the benefits, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between ERP and EPM. Oracle ERP streamlines your day-to-day business transactions by integrating processes and systems, enhancing operational efficiency. On the other hand, Oracle EPM is designed to elevate your overall business management. This encompassing solution includes essential features such as budgeting, forecasting, and planning. Additionally, Oracle EPM offers advanced capabilities like financial consolidation and close management, facilitating the automation of approvals and reporting processes.

EPM goes further by providing sophisticated reporting and analysis tools, enabling you to gain valuable insights to proactively navigate dynamic market conditions. The platform also equips you with the ability to perform scenario modeling, allowing you to project and strategize for future plans. In essence, Oracle EPM complements ERP by focusing on holistic business management, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Oracle ERP with Oracle EPM Provides a 360 Degree of Your Organization

By extending your Oracle ERP footprint with Oracle EPM your organization gets a 360-degree view of your company that facilitates collaboration, information, and knowledge about what drives your business and how you can respond to changes in the business. Oracle ERP plus Oracle EPM equips your team and your business with the critical tools to make impactful decisions on a small as well as large scale for today and tomorrow.

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