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From Transactional to Transformational

3 Easy Steps to HR Organizational Transformation

Studies have shown that an organization’s journey to success is fully attributed to the people it employs; not the processes or procedures that it deploys. However, HR Professionals are often buried in administrative and transactional tasks that do not contribute to a happy, productive and engaging workforce. As an HR Professional, you have a unique opportunity to implement a few transformational techniques to reduce the amount of time spent on transactional tasks and reallocate your time toward strategic initiatives that truly impact your organization’s bottom line and overall success.

3 Easy Steps to HR Organizational Transformation

Are you inundated with routine employee questions and requests?

Since HR Professionals are on the frontline of the HR organization, they are often spending a large portion of their business day responding to routine employee questions and requests via phone or email. This can be time consuming and result in a very unpleasant experience for both the employee and the HR organization.

As a time saver, you can help your employees help themselves by investing in an Employee and Manager Self Service Center powered by Oracle HCM Cloud. Not only will these self-service centers act as a knowledge portal, assisting your employees to find answers to routine questions, they also provide your employees with the proper tools and resources to transact on their own HR requests (i.e., name/address changes) at the office, home or via a mobile device. In turn, the HR organization will be able to spend less time on routine requests and more time guiding employees through more complex questions and scenarios such as taking maternity/paternity leave. Removing the transactional burden also allows HR to become a Strategic Business Partner and not just an administrative function.

Are your HR processes manual or redundant?

Today, HR Professionals are responsible for supporting a number of employee lifecycle events like onboarding, assignment changes and terminations. Depending on the life event, there can be a number of emails, forms, approvals and systems involved. Every email, form, approval and system can contribute to a significant amount of time spent on executing multiple processes for one life event.

To combat this issue, the HR organization can commit to a process audit. During a process audit, key stakeholders are challenged to review processes that may be manual, unnecessary or repetitive. Once these processes are highlighted, the HR organization can undergo a comprehensive process improvement initiative in preparation for a full scale process automation solution like Oracle HCM Cloud. When HR operations are improved and automated, productivity will automatically increase for the entire organization.

Are you drowning in data?

As a HR Professional, you are most likely eager to identify your organization’s inefficiencies and establish new programs and initiatives to combat these inefficiencies. You fully understand the value that clear, concise and insightful data can offer to any data-driven organization. However, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of data that exist within your core HCM solution and other disparate systems throughout your organization.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the abundance of data and metrics that are available to you! As a time saver, invest in a comprehensive Analytics platform. At Apps Associates, you can partner with our HCM and Analytics Practices to install custom HCM accelerators into your Oracle HCM solutions. These custom HCM accelerators will provide your organization with a set of analytics that can be easily accessed, interpreted and measured. The measurements, in turn, will allow you to track your organization’s performance over time while setting benchmark goals for the future.

By undertaking a HR transformational process, the HR organization can shift their focus from short-term, low value and productivity killing tasks to long-term, impactful and strategic initiatives. With the right technology in place, the HR organization can improve productivity by providing its employees and managers with self-service tools, replacing manual files with digital files, efficiently managing requests or cases, automating manual and repetitive processes and using data to continually optimize the business.

To learn more about Oracle HCM Cloud or HR transformational strategies and techniques, connect with a member of the HCM Practice at Apps Associates LLC.