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Headed to Oracle OpenWorld (OOW)? Make the Most of Your 2019 OOW Experience.

San Francisco is known for their food, cable cars and of course the Golden Gate Bridge, but being less than an hour away from Silicon Valley, it’s also known for technology. If you’re attending this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, September is one of the best time to visit this city. The conference is located at the Moscone Convention Center and it is within walking distance to many wonderful restaurants.

Headed to Oracle Open World

This year Oracle expects over 67,500 attendees with over 2,200 sessions. Walking through the exhibit hall can be overwhelming with session taking place in the middle of all the vendors. The best way to navigate this conference and get the most of your 2019 OOW experience is to ask these three questions.

Question 1: What activities should I attend at Oracle OpenWorld?

A conference of this size can be overwhelming, there’s so much to learn and do while attending this event. You want to spend your time there getting all the information you need to bring back to the office. Are you trying to move to the cloud, implement an Oracle system or just trying to find someone to manage your applications? Plan your day, be strategic in your approach and meet with the key resources who have the expertise to help you. You can book a meetings with Apps Associates here. Apps Associates will have experts on hand to talk to you about:

In addition, I suggest that you go on the Oracle OpenWorld website ( and look at the sessions ahead of time, plan each day so that you know where you need to be and at what time. Think about why you’re attending the event and look for sessions related to your goals. Apps Associates has reserved a space at 981 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 in the Porter Room. Put a little fun in your #OOW19 experience. There is so much to take in.

Question 2: Why am I’m getting a lot of emails relating to OOW?

As we get closer to the event, vendors and sponsors are trying to get your attention, think about who you want to meet with. Are vendors you are currently working with going to be there; if so this is a great time to get some face to face time with them. Perhaps you want to address some concerns or just see if they can help with other initiatives, there’s nothing like meeting in person.

Not everyone attending will have a booth, make sure you reach out to the companies you’re working with and see if they’re attending and if they have a time to meet with you.

Question 3: What can I take away from the conference?

There is so much information to take in at the conference, make sure you take notes during the session and ask for the presentations so you have that when you get back to the office. They will most likely email it to you. Meet and collect as many business cards related to the reasons why you wanted to attend this conference in the first place.

Once you’re back in the office, reach out to the people you talked to at the conference and schedule a demo or call so you can dive deeper into the concerns you have and how they can help.

Apps Associates is always here to answer all of your Oracle related questions from moving to SaaS, Private or Public cloud as well as applications specific questions. Do not hesitate to contact us!