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Why Now is the Time to Migrate Legacy Oracle Workloads to AWS

Major shifts have been happening in the world of IT. Cloud is becoming the de facto standard as market adoption hurdles to a majority position. With that, the time has come to embrace cloud solutions so you can focus on accelerating the growth of your business – not on operational management and maintenance such as unforeseen system issues and unplanned downtime. In fact, most senior management professionals are already on board with the need to migrate to the cloud, with 86 percent of IT decision makers (ITDMs) saying they have mandated adopting a cloud migration strategy. But what’s holding some businesses back?

Why Now is the Time to Migrate Legacy Oracle Workloads to AWS

According to a recent independently-sponsored survey conducted by Apps Associates of over 300 IT professionals who are directly responsible for running legacy Oracle application environments, the 5 main reasons for slow adoption of cloud are:

  1. It’s Too Difficult to Navigate License Compliance
  2. It’s Not Feasible to Move Oracle Applications to the Cloud
  3. Cybersecurity Concerns Outrank Cloud Benefits
  4. My Company Can’t Afford Cloud Migration
  5. Oracle Application Users Have Limited Cloud Options

Each of these concerns are readily addressed by established, effective approaches and best practices. Migration and hosting of your legacy Oracle applications on AWS (“Amazon Web Services”) cloud infrastructure is a viable and proven option used by many organizations. The use of public cloud computing providers such as AWS, provides widely known benefits including agility, flexibility and economies of pay-as-you-go scalability while eliminating the cost and headache of purchasing, managing and maintaining your own computing infrastructure.

More importantly, perhaps, is the benefit of shifting IT spend and intellectual capital to focus on innovation and growth. With market-leading pace and breadth of products, AWS has been the leader in both enabling that innovation and rapid transformation of the enterprise – something our own customers have seen and experienced first-hand. Apps Associates’ partnership with AWS has led to major changes in their business models – and helped them realize significant advantages and cost savings.

Slow and Steady Doesn’t Hold Up Against the Competition
Staying with traditional, on-premise solutions can be tempting, as it’s always easier to stick with what you know than implement something new – right? Not exactly. When it comes to the cloud, not migrating means forfeiting the speed your business needs to grow and compete successfully in today’s economy.

At Apps, we’ve seen this play out before with customers like Aptitude. With a global business platform, they needed to move away from their traditional, rigid hosting platform in order to gain the speed they needed to keep up with their customers’ needs around the world, and avoid risking their market share to faster, more nimble competition. In turning to AWS and Apps Associates, they found a solution that allowed them to enable a fast, automated deployment of their product to their global customer base, which is something that wouldn’t have been possible if had they stayed with what they knew: on-premise.

In gaining this newfound speed with AWS, Aptitude was also able to pivot more easily as the market and their business demanded. Scaling quickly and being prone to change made this a necessity for their business and was a red flag that their traditional hosting solution couldn’t accommodate the need. AWS and Apps Associates allowed them to scale as needed and implement rapid changes in server types, capacity and compute power. By migrating from on-premise to AWS, Aptitude’s business is now equipped with the resources and capabilities necessary to stay competitive and keep customers happy.

Say Hello to Cost Savings and Goodbye to Unnecessary Overhead
As with all facets of business, where and how you host your server information can have a significant impact on your bottom line. With on-premise hosting, you’re not just paying a one-time fee to one vendor for all of your services and needs. Instead, you’re engaged in multiple contracts with multiple vendors and are spending on additional management fees for those vendors. No stranger to the need to find a more economical option, RISO, a global manufacturer of printers and digital copiers, is focused on its core mission to sell and maintain cost-effective digital printing solutions. In order to be able to deliver on that mission, they had to find a more cost-efficient hosting solution for their data.

RISO’s data center required a costly hardware refresh and the rising costs and challenges of managing and maintaining IT operations conflicted with their stated mission. The requirements of the multi-location IT operations expanded the number of vendors and related support contracts across hardware, software and services. Migrating to the AWS public cloud resulted in consolidation and optimization of all IT infrastructure, driving tremendous cost savings for the company. With Apps Associates, RISO was able to eliminate unnecessary management costs.

The result? RISO saw a 55% reduction in total IT operational costs as well as a 35% reduction in spend on backup infrastructure – an incredible amount of savings which helped them to be able to stay true to their company mission.

Whether enabling your organization to innovate and proactively stay one step ahead of the competition like Aptitude, reducing operational overhead and IT complexity like RISO or achieving a combination of these and other benefits, AWS and Apps Associates will help you to successfully meet your goals. What will you be able to achieve?

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Enhance license and security compliance
  • Increase operation efficiency
  • Improve flexibility and the ability to scale up, or out
  • Run legacy Oracle applications on AWS!

It’s time to yes to AWS! Learn more about how you can make the switch and stay a step ahead of the competition today.