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Introducing Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Providing top-notch customer service means being able to adapt communication channels to meet the customer’s ever-evolving needs. This is most easily managed via digital channels. Though it’s not the most convenient method, customers still rely on telephony services for their support. However, technology is often outdated when it comes to telephony channels and has suffered from a lack of innovation. Unfortunately, most customers associate phone support with long wait times, frequent transfers, and a lack of agent expertise. That’s why it’s essential to update antiquated systems with a comprehensive solution — Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.


Here’s everything you need to know about Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and how it can enhance your telephony customer support operation.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud Voice?

Salesforce offers incredible CRM solutions to businesses that are serious about delivering the best service to their customers. The company offers a variety of cloud-based software designed to streamline and improve the operations of almost every aspect of customer service. They are always working to implement new solutions that provide necessary innovation to outdated operations. Service Cloud Voice is the result of this work.

Benefits of Service Cloud Voice

Here’s everything Service Cloud Voice can do for your business and why you should consider adding this to your stack today!

Utilize a Single Solution

From the moment a customer calls the contact center to the moment they hang up, Service Cloud Voice provides agents will all the tools they need to succeed. The console offers an omnichannel 360-view of each customer with insights that enable them to serve callers more effectively.

Give Supervisors the Power of Visibility

The supervisor console is designed to support management with the data they need, all centralized in a single platform. Supervisors can view all calls, read digital conversations, monitor call routing, offer assistance, and evaluate agent performance. With Service Cloud Voice’s console, supervisors have all the tools they need at their fingers.

Enhance Customer Service with AI

AI does the work for you, it’s a powerful solution that streamlines the processes behind delivering excellent phone-based customer service. By utilizing AI to handle tedious, time-consuming processes like transcription, agents can spend more time taking care of customer’s needs. Not to mention, Einstein AI provides recommendations in real-time, so agents can quickly offer effective solutions. The result? Shorter call times, satisfied customers, and well-supported agents.

Service Cloud Voice Pricing

Service Cloud Voice is a part of Salesforce’s Service Cloud offerings. Salesforce utilizes a tiered pricing model, which allows businesses to choose the services they need at a price they can afford. Prices range from $25 per user monthly for the to $300 per user monthly. Users can also pay annually. Customers can also choose add-ons at a cost that allows them to tailor the service to their needs.

Key Takeaways

Customers still heavily rely on phone support to help them solve problems and address their concerns. There’s no substitute for talking to a live agent. That said, don’t let your telephony operation fall prey to a lack of innovation. Your customers shouldn’t have to endure long wait times, being transferred to the wrong agent, or a lack of personalized service.

If you want to ensure that they never have to, then you need a complete solution. You need Service Cloud Voice. With AI-powered processes, an all-in-one data console, and supervisor support, Service Cloud Voice is the solution you need to take your contact center to the next level.

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