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Looking to automate the loading of your various Customer Receivable invoices into Oracle Cloud ERP quickly?

Processing customer invoices can be a slow and arduous process. Often times customer invoices don’t integrate into your system.  Your team needs to create a process to accommodate data entry into your system due to various different AR Invoice formats and this takes time. Delays in getting your invoices into the system translates into delays in getting your money in.

What if you could automate this process utilizing Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)? How, you may ask?  Apps Associates has a tool for you. Utilizing AI through IPA we can load your customer invoices directly into Oracle Cloud ERP. We can take your customer invoices and store them as PDFs on your server.  We ‘train” the bot to invoice the customers from their own invoice, no need to reformat.  The bot takes your customer receivable invoices and enters them directly into your Oracle Cloud ERP.

Watch the video to see how what the process looks like.

With IPA you save time, money and resources all while capturing revenue faster.

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