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Meet Collaborate 19 Speaker – Todd Ledet!

One of my classes in high school was accounting. During that time, I needed a tonsillectomy. I was out of my class for a while but I brought the work home with me so I wouldn’t fall behind. When I came back, I was actually two months ahead of my class. Go figure.

Accounting came naturally to me. My first job out of college I quickly became the company expert in the software the company used. I was able to translate business requirements into technical requirements. For that reason, I became a consultant because implementing software was easy for me. This journey has led me to my current at Apps Associates as Practice Manger Cloud ERP.

My sessions at Collaborate 19 address the worry many companies have about moving Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud.

Session ID 11402 Paths for Moving to the Cloud (with Deb Banerjee, Vice President, Delivery): This session will provide a good cross-section of how to provision, test, and launch in the cloud and ways to integrate your existing applications and data.

Session ID 110510 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Move to Oracle Cloud Apps: I know, just the thought of moving your on-premise Oracle EBS to the cloud can give you nightmares. This session will help. It isn’t too late to start thinking about how Oracle Cloud Applications can fit into your business roadmap.

Session ID 110490 A Journey from On-Premise to Oracle Cloud: I discuss the benefits and challenges of moving Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud and provide real-life scenarios from projects.

If you’re attending Collaborate, I would love for you to attend my sessions. If you aren’t attending the event, leave your question in the comment section below. You can see all our sessions and activities for the event here.