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How Oracle HCM Cloud Can Empower Your Life Science Workforce

It has been a tumultuous year for 2023 the job market and some re-adjustments have been taking place. Life Science companies looking for specific skilled workers and professionals continue to face recruitment and retention issues.  We have been helping many Life Science customers undertake the HCM digital transformation and they are quite happy with their results. Perhaps, the timing might be right for your organization to consider taking your Human Capital Management (HCM) system to the cloud. It will help you elevate your employee experience which will elevate your business.


Human Capital Management in the Cloud streamlines your system. Life Science, Biotech, Gene Cell Therapy and Med Device companies all have diverse job functions and business practices that require compartmental design with a keen focus on harmonization. It is critical to find and keep your best specialized talent in order to  keep your initiatives moving forward and bring new products to the market.

Oracle HCM Cloud can help ensure your recruitment and retention efforts are operating and peak performance. Oracle HCM Cloud helps with recruitment and onboarding, as well as managing payroll, benefits, performance management, Compliance training and more. Specific differentiators especially for Life Science companies and really any company that has a manufacturing component include:

Recruiting: helps with pipeline requisitions and copy/mass action features and high volume hiring and CRM Strategy

Journeys: provides automation for onboarding and line readiness. You have Admin coordination and Health and Return to Work Accelerators

Learning: provides observation questionnaires, compliance automation and site-specific communities

Time and Labor: offers sophisticated hourly calculations, accelerators for 3rd party payroll providers, R&D time allocations and scheduling for team collaboration

Technical: provides time collection integration for OTL, integrations to 3rd party payroll and automated recurring processes

We would like to say that happy employees make happy customers. Recent benefits some of our customers have enjoyed from making the move to Oracle HCM Cloud include:

  • Project and Payroll Time Tracking is now in one system​
  • Tailored user experience with a focus on employee flexibility and organizational compliance. It also includes salaried employee automation, self-service entries, automated project allocation and team scheduling​
  • Payroll integration/extracts, Dormakabatime collection integration​
  • Advanced project costing reports and YTD analytics​
  • Paper forms and individual emails eliminated time/absence processing​.
  • Enhanced the candidate and new hire experience leveraging Journeys and a streamlined application process​.
  • Actionable metrics and analytics surrounding time to fill and sourcing results.

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