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#OracleOnAWS – More Customers Say Yes!

As we all know, leading organizations need IT to be a business enabler, focused more on core business goals and less on maintaining infrastructure. Unfortunately, industry analysts continue to report that IT organizations spend more than 70% of their time making sure their applications are keeping pace. As a result, customers and prospects are exploring moving their legacy Oracle applications, databases, and technology to the cloud. The goals are simple: reduce costs, increase efficiencies and eliminate long- term contracts.


At Apps Associates, we are seeing more organizations say yes to #OracleOnAWS. From publishing to shipping and healthcare, companies across all industries are successfully migrating their legacy Oracle applications to AWS and Apps Associates is helping them with this transformation. We’ve recently helped many customers migrate their applications to the AWS cloud. Here are their stories:

Energy Services Group (ESG) – AWS Managed Services – Optimization

Apps Associates helped Energy Services group provided feature based automation of operations. Services included:

  • Provide DevOps Services to assist ESG in identifying requirements for automation.
    • Detailed study of their existing environment, applications and tools.
    • Suggested update or replacement of tools used for deployment and automation.
    • Implementation of best practices for Jenkins, GIT and Terraform.
  • Support in Code Deployment.
    • Custom Shell (or) Python scripts to automate the deployment to the respective servers. Scripts are developed with respect to each environment.
    • Customizing the deployment process based on application structure and stack.
    • Developed combination of Shell and Python scripts to automate deployment.
    • Custom scripts are developed, deployed and tested for each environment.
    • Reusability of scripts and codes to ensure effective utilization of resources and time.
  • Provide expertise in CI/CD, Jenkins, GitHub, Ansible, Python, AWS Cloud formation and DevOps services.
  • Using Terraform to automate infrastructure creation.
    • VPC, EC2, RDS and additional resources are being managed by Terraform.

Graphic Controls – Application Migration to AWS

Apps Associates helped Nissha Medical with services such as:

  • Setting up the networking in AWS
  • Setting up the Infrastructure in AWS
  • Installation of target Oracle Application Environments
  • Health Check and status monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring/ SQL Tuning
  • Backup management for Oracle Database & Applications
  • Operating System Administration

Masimo –Oracle Application and Oracle Database on AWS

Apps Associates helped Masimo with services such as:

  • Setup infrastructure and Network in AWS
  • Installation and manage Oracle Application Environments
  • Configure and Manage Oracle IDCS in a Hybrid cloud approach for SSO
  • Installation and Manage Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (AVDF)
  • Health Check and status monitoring
  • Oracle Application Management
  • Backup management for Oracle applications, IDCS and AVDF
  • Performance management for Oracle applications, IDCS and AVDF
  • Operating system administration
  • Infrastructure administration
  • Align the process and architecture with Masimo Security and Compliance Management (GDPR)

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