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Salesforce Service Cloud Voice in Action

Service Cloud Voice has been built to combine digital channels, CRM analytics, and phone on top of Service Cloud platform. It’s a console that any business with a phone-based customer service operation can use to streamline their support by making it faster, more efficient, and effective. Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is the intersection where telephony meets innovation.


It can be hard to imagine the benefits of a new software solution and what it can do for your business. That’s where use cases are vital. Check out some of the measurable benefits of implementing Service Cloud Voice for this life insurance company.

Here’s how Service Cloud Voice revolutionized their contact service center operations.

Problem: Slow Caller Recognition and Ineffective Call Routing
How Service Cloud Voice Helps: Knowing who your customer is and anticipating what they need is critical to delivering the best results. Service Cloud Voice reduced the time it took for automated systems to recognize customers by 50%. Once the system recognizes the customer, it can more accurately route calls to the right agents. Customers spend less time waiting to be transferred and agents are handed customers they are able to help.

Problem: Lack of Personalized Service
How Service Cloud Voice Helps: Service Cloud Voice gives agents access to a dashboard offering a 360-degree view of the customer, including why they are calling. This company often deals with customers who are reporting the death of a loved one. With customer information at the forefront, agents can offer condolences and handle the call with sensitivity.

Problem: Jumbled Records of Essential Data
How Service Cloud Voice Helps: Service Cloud Voice’s automatic transcription allows managers to more easily evaluate call data, which would have previously been recorded as an audio file. Agents don’t have to take detailed notes about their calls and can focus on helping the customer resolve their problem. With automatic transcription, supervisors can spot trends that matter and make changes accordingly.