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The Top 3 Oracle to the Cloud Concerns by Oracle Modern Business Experience Attendees

I recently attended Oracle’s Modern Business Experience held in Las Vegas. The event was a combination of three events Oracle had done in the past focusing on Supply Chain, HCM, and Finance. The conference was a first for everyone. There were several conference sessions, exhibitor hours and the one on one conversations that happen when you are on the conference floor. My favorite part of attending any conference is hearing first hand from our prospects and clients. They shared these top three concerns about getting Oracle to the Cloud.

Oracle Modern Business Experience Attendees

Concern 1: Is the cloud secure for my Oracle Applications?

This question always comes up. That means it is a viable concern for businesses so it needs addressing. Investing the money and time can’t be worth it for businesses if breaches still occur.

My response to this concern is it is important to know the facts. Cloud security has quickly advanced a lot. It is important to know where the responsibility lies for securing the hardware, software, and infrastructure.

Concern 2: License compliance is too complicated

To that I say, “Yes, it is!” Joking aside, that doesn’t mean it is unmanageable. You need to know when it is a bring-your-own license situation, or if it is okay to operate with a third-party provider.

Companies can run Oracle applications in a third-party cloud environment unless there is something specific in the contract that prohibits it.

Concern 3: Money, money, money

There are many levels and layers to understand the pricing before taking the plunge to the cloud. One of the challenges is the pricing comparison is uneven between the different providers and the pricing comparison must go beyond the level of infrastructure commodity. A thorough total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) analysis that looks at the total IT spend before and after the migration can help.

If you have some of these concerns (or others that aren’t mentioned here) leave a comment below to start the conservation. Also, Apps Associates published a study that addresses these the Top 5 Oracle to the Cloud myths that are out there.