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The Truth about #OracleOnAWS

A little introduction

As someone who has attended the last 4 AWS re:Invent conferences as well as numerous summits, it’s been exciting to see the evolution of AWS from a niche infrastructure solution to that of a true enterprise grade hosting platform. Being new to Apps Associates, and the application landscape we operate in, it has been very eye opening to learn about some of the lesser known Tier 1 applications the world’s largest organizations rely on, and the subsequent hosting challenges associated with the adoption of cloud infrastructure.

AWS Summit

Many of the clients we work with have invested years in developing and customizing Oracle applications to scale the back office operations of their business. IT departments and forward thinking business units often align around the flexibility and agility of cloud infrastructure to launch new products and unlock new markets, yet the back office application suite is often overlooked and remains stagnant in the datacenter.

Since 2012 Apps Associates has lead the market with migrating these applications to the cloud and helping our clients derive significant cost savings and performance benefits as shown by clients like Integer.

If your organization is looking to improve user experience, reduce costs and improve flexibility with respect to deploying Oracle Applications we’d be happy to share insights from the 160+ migrations we’ve completed for #OracleOnAWS and debunk some of the myths around security, licensing and management of these applications over at Booth #335.

P.S. – if you’d like to just stop by for some free swag and enter to win a Roomba, that is totally cool as well.