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Unlocking Business Success: Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and OCI Benefits

Understanding Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is crucial to maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help. What is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a scalable, highly available, and cost-effective cloud platform created to meet the demands of today’s businesses. OCI allows you and your organization to adopt a cloud framework where you can plan, adapt, and iterate while your organization undergoes its transformation to the cloud. Additionally, you can earn up to $.33 for every dollar you spend on OCI toward your Oracle Support costs with OCI’s Cloud Support Rewards.Understanding Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Achieving Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Expertise Status

Recognizing our customers’ needs for options as they map out their digital transformation strategy, Apps Associates pursued Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Expertise (CSP) status. This recognizes Apps Associates’ capabilities for substantiating technical and process proficiency for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), along with a dedication to customer delivery and outcomes. 

Achieving Oracle CSP Expertise status was a lengthy and complex process that involved contributions from all areas of our business. To achieve this status, Apps Associates had to meet a series of service expertise qualifiers that demonstrate its experience and success in implementing, deploying and/or managing a specific Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products and services area within a defined geographic region. Requirements included having certified individuals across diverse roles and demonstrating successful go-lives and ongoing Managed Services. Additionally, Apps Associates went through a rigorous audit of our systems and processes to demonstrate adherence to industry best practices around security, monitoring, continuous improvement, and many other areas.

Expertise in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Program

Expertise is a core tenet of the modernized Oracle Partner Network (OPN) program and allows Oracle partners, such as Apps Associates, to highlight their capabilities in a focused area. Ultimately, this makes it easy for customers to identify partners that can deliver quality results and minimize risk in their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Successfully achieving the Oracle CSP requirements to provide managed services for OCI further demonstrates our ability to support clients at every step of their digital transformation journey, helping to meet and exceed their business goals. In addition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Apps is here to help with Oracle Cloud Services, Oracle Cloud Solutions, Oracle Cloud Analytics, and Oracle SaaS.

Success Story: Avail Infrastructure Solutions

Discover how we helped Avail Infrastructure Solutions leverage the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform for enterprise workloads, achieving remarkable results.  Avail recognized several benefits including:

  • Modernized infrastructure, improved cloning time as well as performance improvements.
  • Advantages with Cloud agility and increased server capacity (vertical/horizontal) as per the requirement.
  • Environment Provisioning is faster using Infrastructure as a code. 
  • Future readiness for business growth.
  • Disaster Recovery automation using Full Stack DR.
  • Better Price for Performance

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