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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and How Can It Benefit Me and My Organization?

That is a question we often get from our client.  Simply put, Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is the outsourcing of repetitive tasks and sequences to a robot-in-training, that helps transform businesses by using automation to evolve with speed and accuracy. The nice thing is that the software bot is always working for your organization, it doesn’t need sleep and it doesn’t make mistakes. Bottom-line, you can take the mundane, repetitive, time consuming and computer based tasks off your employees’ plates giving them extra hours in their day for higher value more meaningful work.


RPA not only benefits your employees, it benefits your organization as well. It is a path to streamline an array of routine business tasks. When your organization utilizes RPA for high volume, stable, repeatable tasks that have specific inputs and outputs, your organization can reap solid ROI.   Organizations like RPA because it can help them improve productivity across a wide range of constituents including users, customers and employees. Big benefits of RPA bots include accuracy, elimination of human error, ability to scale and even improve service levels.  With RPA you can build flexibility, agility and adaptability and cost efficiency into your processes.

Prospects want to know the best candidates to move to RPA. We find that the following use cases often lend themselves well for consideration for RPA.

  • Uploading and downloading of files to/from ftp servers
  • Interacting with databases
  • Reading/Writing Json files
  • Data scraping
  • Sending Email notifications
  • Screen Recording
  • Scheduling of processes
  • Reading csv files from local machines
  • Perform Credentials masking
  • Looping structures
  • Integration using Web services

In addition, tasks that are tedious, high volume and structured fare well when replicated using RPA.

At Apps Associates, our RPA Service offerings can be categorized into three sections: Build, Maintain, Enhance.


Our Build offering is mainly focused on Bot development activities. With our Maintain offering, you can avail of our 24×7 Monitoring/Response Action features and with Enhance, we can review your existing Bots, recommend improvements and make those improvements for you. Our offerings can be availed of separately or in combination.

Further, while we are system agnostic, you can also leverage our vast knowledge of Oracle Applications Cloud/On premise systems/modules, our Salesforce knowledge and our AWS/Analytical skill set to improve your business processes while implementing RPA.

The best place to get started to determine if RPA is right for you is to make sure you know what your requirements are and what you are hoping the RPA bot will solve for. You want your use cases to determine what is the best for you.   Apps Associates is here to help.  Reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions.