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Why the Private Cloud Is Like Having Your Own Personal Yacht


What organizations would put servers in a Private Cloud? There are many companies who have chosen or are considering putting their environments in the Private Cloud. The move to giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS) is inevitable for all companies as the value of utility cloud computing is proven. While the breadth of services that the Public Cloud platforms currently offer far outweigh what can be offered in a Private Cloud, there are benefits to the Private Cloud that you should consider. Many companies have legacy applications on-premises and they aren’t ready to lose physical touch with them. (We affectionately call these people server huggers.) On the other hand, the company may have risk, compliance, and governance requirements that drive toward the Private Cloud. These folks want (or need) their applications to run in a more controlled and segregated environment. This is where the Private Cloud comes into play.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Look at the Private Cloud as your own personal yacht. This yacht has all the bells and whistles that make up a Data Center environment. Top networking, computing, and storage infrastructure sits within a controlled and compliant environment that houses many guests but it is smaller and more exclusive. The guests benefit from a more personalized and exclusive experience. When you think about the Public Cloud think of a mega-cruise ship. This Data Center environment is massive. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you have on the yacht, but it houses thousands of guests and all the offerings on the ship are catered to serving thousands. The service is great, but the personalized experience and control the guests have on the yacht is not available. For the reasons cited, there are IT Leaders who aren’t ready to put their crown jewels up with millions of other servers in the Public Cloud. As with many such decisions in IT, there are valid tradeoffs and reasons for both the Public and the Private Cloud and each plays a valuable role in the move to cloud. I will tell you while some have this strong opinion and desire not to follow the masses… there is no question that the vast majority will leverage the Public Cloud in some form. If you have strict organizational requirements for risk and compliance or simply decide that the Public Cloud isn’t for you, I invite you to look into the Apps Associates Private Cloud offering. With us, you can run your environments in a smaller, segregated environment and then gradually test the waters when (and if) you are ready (and at your own pace).

Both the Public Cloud and the Private Cloud are great options and we are masters at both. Our goal is to be seen as an extension of your team, which means understanding and making sure your desires and goals for your environment match the solution we propose. We won’t push you to take a step you are not ready to make.