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40 predictions for 2022

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With 2022 just around the corner, IT professionals are wondering whether the new year will remain as challenging as this year and last.

In a word, yes. CIOs will face a tricky juggling act, with talent retention and future-proofing key among them. Forrester predicts that cloud-first and platform-based architectures will be adopted, along with low-code/no-code solutions to reduce the need for advanced technical skills.

Other projects this coming year will include rationalization, AI deployment, sustainability and greening initiatives—featuring server virtualization and more efficient hardware and data centers—updated monitoring systems, modernization, augmented security, and changes in CIOs’ own roles. These are all topics TechBeacon will continue to look at over the coming year.

Below, several IT and tech leaders weigh in with their thoughts.

Security becomes less of a barrier to cloud migration

“The biggest hurdle to adoption in 2022 will be to rectify any misconceptions of the public cloud surrounding safety and security. The pandemic has taught us that cloud-based infrastructure is an important factor in moving to a remote workforce; due to this, we will continue to see more companies make the switch. However, opinions that public cloud may not be as secure as existing infrastructure will slow the adoption process. CSPs will need to work to combat these misconceptions and ensure that potential customers understand that the cloud is safe, effective and an essential component of digital transformation.”
John Schmottlach, senior vice president of delivery, Apps Associates

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