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Accelerating Digital Transformation: Turning Data into CX

by John Schmottlach, Senior Vice President, Strategic Advisory, Apps Associates

Many say the pace of digital transformation has slowed, but IT teams are just ushering in the acceleration phase as businesses ensure transformed internal systems are translated externally.

When COVID-19 swept the globe in 2020, businesses rushed to transition to remote workforces, streamline workflows, make data accessible virtually, and in some cases, pivot to entirely new business models. The process of digital transformation, which typically could take years, was completed in record time.

There’s been recent discussions that the pace of digital transformation has slowed from the pace of 2020. This isn’t surprising given the past two years have forced many businesses to complete the first phase of their transformations. However, innovation is never stagnant. Therefore, there is more work to be done when ushering in the next phase — acceleration — as businesses look to actualize the potential and measure the success of the mass transformational phase.

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