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Apps Associates Research Highlights Four Roadblocks to Accelerated Cloud Adoption

While IT decision makers continue to face challenges in moving to the cloud, proper planning and accurate execution can help overcome and ensure IT success.

Boston, MA. – November 23, 2020 – Apps Associates, an expert cloud migration and strategic IT services consultant, today released findings of its latest research – evaluating year-over-year comparisons to the state of the cloud migration landscape. The findings published in Moving Oracle to the Cloud: The Four Roadblocks to Accelerated Cloud Adoption provide a view into what persistent challenges are holding IT decision makers (ITDMs) back from digital transformation – and how their pain points and perceptions have shifted during a year of dramatic changes spanning the business landscape.

The report includes insights from 300+ ITDMs who are also Oracle customers working for established companies, categorized as between $100 million and $5 billion in annual revenue, and unveils attitude shifts and technology trends around cloud migration.

“The year-over-year results from 2019 to 2020 demonstrate how many of the perceived roadblocks and misunderstandings about cloud migration continue to inhibit ITDMs from taking this critical step, while also spotlighting key indicators of forward progress,” said Bill Saltys, senior vice president at Apps Associates. “Cloud adoption is no longer a nice to have, but critical to enabling flexibility to scale, business continuity and rapid evolution of business models in an increasingly competitive and digital-driven world.”

While the survey data signals a change of mindset year-over-year – with a 50% decrease in ITDMs reporting they have no plans to migrate their legacy Oracle applications or databases to the cloud – Apps Associates’ report sheds light on where hesitations still lie. Adopting a new IT roadmap, operating processes and procedures is never easy, but the overwhelming majority of respondents provided a clear indication that they are planning a path forward centered on cloud-based solutions. This report provides the fuel that can help enterprises drive through these concerns and barriers to entry, including:

  1. Navigating the Strategy and Planning the Journey
  2. Avoiding the Security Potholes
  3. Finding the Right Vehicle at the Right Cost
  4. Staying Compliant with The Rules of The Road

“For any organization that has neither developed a cloud migration strategy nor made an actual move to the cloud, now is the time – especially in the wake of COVID-19’s sudden and demanding pivot to establish a more distributed work model” said Saltys.

For more data and takeaways from this research, please download Apps Associates’ report here: Moving Oracle to the Cloud: The Four Roadblocks to Accelerated Cloud Adoption

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