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Everyone Is Not Meant to Manage – and That’s Ok!

Fast CompanyCareers shouldn’t always be viewed as ladders to climb to higher positions argues Apps Associates Lydie Fox. Sometimes a new opportunity to learn and grow can make all the difference.

Since the start of “The Great Resignation,” we’ve seen millions of employees around the world transition jobs, titles, and careers at rates never before seen. For some, switching companies or completely reinventing career paths became about a search for passion, purpose, or overall life balance. For others, it was about reaching the next level. But like everything else that’s evolved in the world of business, the next great reckoning that deserves a closer look, is creating opportunity for multifaceted career growth outside of management. For the many professionals who have ever exceeding aspirations, the current “rite of passage” to the top, via becoming a manager, in many ways can be likened to forcing a square peg into a round hole—it’s just not a good fit—nor should it have to be.

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