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Tech Predictions for 2022: Cloud, Data, Cybersecurity, AI, and More

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Leading experts offer a glimpse of how the core IT sectors will evolve in the near term future.

You might think it foolhardy to make predictions about something that changes as furiously fast as emerging technology. Driven by massive investments, competing for a market that appears limitless, thousands of companies innovate constantly, sometimes at cross purposes.

Yet we are human, after all, so we can’t resist peering into the unknowable future and proclaiming, “Yes, this is what’s ahead.” Plus it’s that time of year: in January we are (we hope) imbued with a fresh energy that allows us to accurately assess the year ahead.

Not that all annual predictions are mere guesses. Clearly, the tech forecasters below are top practitioners who are close to their respective sectors. They’re the experts who have long labored in cloudAIsecurityedgedata analyticsdigital transformation, accruing years of deep market experience. If anyone can foresee the future, it’s these seasoned thought leaders.

So here you go – a compendium of insightful forecasts across the major IT sectors. We hope you enjoy perusing the predictions; at the least, they’re great food for thought. And please revisit the pages of eWeek as the year unfolds – we’ll be tracking tech as it happens, offering a real time record of how these forecasts turn out. All best to you, and have a great 2022!

The Biggest Barrier to Cloud Migration will be Security Misconceptions

“With large-scale cyberattacks on the minds of C-suites across the globe, the biggest hurdle to adoption in 2022 will be to rectify any misconceptions of the public cloud surrounding safety and security. The pandemic has taught us that cloud-based infrastructure is an important factor in moving to a remote workforce, due to this we will continue to see more companies make the switch. However, opinions that public cloud may not be as secure as existing infrastructure will slow the adoption process. CSPs will need to work to combat these misconceptions and ensure that potential customers understand the cloud is safe, effective and is an essential component of digital transformation.”

John Schmottlach, Senior Vice President of Delivery, Apps Associates

Healthcare will See the Biggest Impact from AI and ML

“I predict that in 2022, the healthcare industry will see the biggest impact from AI and ML. With advances in technology and data collection, AI and ML will be able to assist with diagnosis and treatment, and can dramatically accelerate the development of medicines and vaccines. The potential to extend human life is a very real possibility while also improving the quality of life, thanks to advances made during the pandemic. Additionally, this will have the most direct impact on the average consumer and will bring AI/ML to the forefront on consumer confidence.”

Myles Gilsenan, Vice President of Data, Analytics and AI, Apps Associates

Company Culture Will Be More Important Than Ever

“With many companies choosing to move forward with a hybrid workforce, company culture will become more important than ever in 2022. The pandemic brought on an entirely remote workforce (whether companies were prepared or not) and many employees faced challenges with creating genuine connections in a virtual environment. It will be pivotal for companies to realize the importance that if you’re no longer going to require an in-office environment, they will need to cultivate ample opportunities for co-workers to connect and collaborate in a supportive and fun way. Whether that be through company events, team events, personal interest groups or mentorship opportunities, company culture will be increasingly important in the next year.”

Lela McKenna, Principal Manager of Change Management & Training, Apps Associates

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