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Capitalizing on Public Cloud

The number of organizations adopting the cloud continues to grow. There are many reasons for adoption including the pay as you go model, the scalability and as well as speed and agility.  Apps Associates continues to see customers migrate to the cloud.  There is not a one size fits all when it comes to choosing your cloud technology.  Some organizations choose public, others choose SaaS and there are those that take a hybrid approach.  Below read about some of our customers who have moved their legacy Oracle instances to AWS and what outcomes they have seen as a result.


Veracode is a leading Application security services company which provides multiple software security analysis technologies into a single platform including static analysis (or white-box testing), dynamic analysis (or black-box testing), and software composition analysis, all of which prevent software vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection.

Capsule summary:

  • Re-architect and migrate the mission-critical oracle database, which runs Vera code’s core software offering along with High availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Automate the process of creating non-production environments using CI/CD tools
  • Needed the ability to scale based on their requirements, as well as deliver high availability, and fast performance
  • Veracode is utilizing Apps Associates Managed Services

Outcome highlights:

  • Cost consolidation / reduction, business continuity, improved access for developers with CI/CD tools, move away from datacenter
  • Ability to scale in both compute capacity as well as storage capacity and created an automated way to launch infrastructure for their development teams.

Garden of Life

Garden of Life is a brand of nutritional products, vitamins, probiotics, and herbal supplements. Garden of Life is headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida.
Capsule summary:

  • Architect and create a secure connectivity solution to enable communication between Cloud based Adobe Magneto 2 and on-premise Oracle E-Business / Vertex using AWS services
  • Create AWS PrivateLink connections between Magento and Oracle E-Business / Vertex
  • Create redundant VPN connections between AWS and multiple on-premise locations
  • Apps Associates MSP services for ongoing support and management of the AWS environment

Outcome Highlights:

  • Reliable, resilient, scalable and secure connectivity solution that bridges the Enterprise class eCommerce solution with their ERP (Oracle E-Business / Vertex) environment


Masimo, a global medical technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets a variety of noninvasive patient monitoring technologies, hospital automation solutions, home monitoring devices, ventilation solutions, and consumer products.

Capsule summary:

  • Architect and deployed oracle workloads, which include ERP environment centered on Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Enterprise Command Center(OECC), Asserter for IDCS, Oracle Governance Risk and Compliance(GRC) other related applications, databases and tech stack across multiple environments (production, non-production) with disaster recovery and backup in AWS Cloud
  • Enabled data and audit controls through Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, which has deployed at Customer data center.
  • Apps Associates services include Ongoing support, manage and maintain oracle workloads. Periodic environment reviews and recommendations
  • Masimo is utilizing Apps Associates Managed Services

Outcome highlights:

  • General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), Single Sign on, Data controls, business continuity, cost consolidation, improved future statement architecture, optimized management. 

Adviqo Group

Adviqo Group, a global media and technology company, developing cutting-edge digital solutions that enable people to instantly connect with life coaches via TV channel, Live Streams, Smartphone Apps and multiple Websites. Their business includes over 18 companies in over 10 regions worldwide.

Capsule summary: 

  • Design and build a system infrastructure to move from two on-prem data centers with Oracle RAC to Oracle RDS on AWS environment to provide resilient protection of critical user data alongside other applications, databases and tech stacks across multiple environments (production, non-production) with a fully engineered backup process according to customer requirements.
  • Create the AWS environment containing Backup and Recovery, migration from On-Prem to AWS and creating security and access rules to the critical user data and infrastructure.
  • Provide MSP services for ongoing support and implementation of new technical solutions.  

Outcome highlights: 

Stringent security considerations, business continuity, cost optimization, improved and better performing architecture, simplified and optimized administration and management.

Mood Media Corporation

Mood Media Corporation was founded in Austin, Texas in 2004.  Mood Media Corporation is an international in-store provider of music, digital signage, hold music, on-hold messaging, scent, integrated audio/video, and interactive mobile marketing products.

Capsule Summary:

  • Re-architect and migrate the company’s Data Analytics software (Incorta) to a fully managed AWS solution
  • Quickly deployed memory optimized systems best suited to perform the memory intense data analytics operations
  • Configured and deployed enterprise monitoring
  • Implement a single analytics & reporting platform that will enable users to quickly unify & analyze data from heterogeneous systems.
  • Reduce efforts on manual engineering while improving speed and reduce time to analyze problems
  • Mood Media is utilizing Apps Associates Managed Services

Outcome Highlights:

  • Improved access and response request times for developers
  • Quicker detection and resolution to infrastructure issues
  • Apps Associates MSP services for ongoing support and management of the AWS environment
  • Demonstrated Incorta ability to serve as a modern, agile, flexible data platform
  • Ingest & integrate data from Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Service Cloud
  • Build a set of dashboards that provide insight into Prospect to Order process

Apps Associates provides services for all things Oracle on AWS. Our team manages the entire AWS environment, enabling significant cost savings, increased agility, and zero business disruption or downtime.  Apps’ technical teams provide expert AWS consulting throughout the entire migration and post-migration process. From Dev Ops, to Managed Services we have you covered.

Our Managed Services is based on our next generation monitoring platform that uses statistical and Machine Learning algorithms to reduce alarm fatigue and focus attention on real issues that need attention.  Staffed by AWS certified engineers, our managed services teams are ready to support you anytime, all the time.  Consider letting us manage your Oracle/AWS systems in the cloud.

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